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italiano term inglés translation
ex festivita personal days/personal holidays
famiglia di agricoltori farming (agricultural) families
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
fatti commessi acts committed
ferie radiologiche radiation leave
figura professionale job title
Entered by: Silvia Prendin
figure previste roles as required by
figure professionali professions
file passaggi staff/personnel turnover file
Entered by: wordgirl
FLAI CGIL Federation of Agro-Industrial Workers of the Italian General Confederation of Labour / General Confederation of Italian Workers
flussista coordinator
forma pensionistica complementare complementary pension scheme
forza puntuale workforce on the reporting date
Frazionare le ferie split up holiday periods
Fuga di braccia e di cervelli brain and labour drain
garanzie a fronte di segnalazione guarantees in relation to the reporting of misconduct
Entered by: Mara Ballarini
gardinatore di cappelli hat finisher
genitorialità parenting support
Entered by: Ivana UK
gerarchicamente hierarchically
Entered by: Alexandra Scott
gestione buste paga payslip management
gestione del parco macchine car fleet management
gestione delle problematiche sindacali management of trade union issues/problems
Entered by: Simona Sgro
giusta causa just cause
Entered by: Ivana UK
giustificato e comprovato impedimento legitimate and verified reason
godimento delle ferie during the holidays
Grafici Editoriali Graphic Designers for the Publishing Industry
Entered by: Thomas Roberts
ha effettuato il seguente conguaglio fiscale ...made the following tax adjustment
i soggetti e gli oggetti del diritto subjects and objects of the law
identifica i profili cui indirizzare la formazione identifies the job positions to be included in the training program
Il dipendente usufruisce della settimana corta The employee has opted for a short working week
il lavoratore predetto e' distaccato per un periodo che va the above employee is seconded for a period running from
Il ritardo potrà essere recuperato The time can be made up
Entered by: Franco Rigoni
impegni su base contrattuale/oneri contrattuali contractual commitments
Entered by: SilvanaC.
Impiegati / quadri / dirigenti (office) workers / managers / executives
impiegati direttivi ordinary employees with managerial functions
impiegato esecutivo / impiegato d'ordine order clerk
Entered by: AeC2009
imprenditori solo a titolo (urgent) individuals / persons who are self-employed as their main occupation
in via promiscua a number
inattività forzate forced inactivity
incentivo all'esodo severance package
incentivo all'esodo voluntary resignation incentive
Entered by: IT>EN Legal
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