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italiano a inglés Automóviles / Camiones Translation Glossary

italiano term inglés translation
cc engine size/cc
cella estensimetrica (shaft) beam load cell/extensiometric cell
cellula di sicurezza enclosed safety cabin
centine battens
ceppo brake block
Entered by: Ulla Lundquist
cerchi in lega alloy wheels/rims
cerchione senza lamine rims without plates
Certificato di Radiazione Certificate of cancellation of the vehicle registation
Chappellier Rear Deck
chassis portante a longheroni unitized body with cross members
che ha l’integrale which has four-wheel drive
Entered by: EirTranslations
che passione Carbon fibre. How cool is that?
Entered by: dasein_wm
Chiave a innesto socket wrench
Entered by: Daniel Gold
chiavella key (Motorcycles)
Entered by: Yasutomo Kanazawa
chiglia oil sump shield
Entered by: Ulla Lundquist
chilometri zero ex-demos / demonstrator cars (with zero or limited mileage)
chiocciola split volute / scroll
Entered by: Mariana Perussia
Chiudere la filettatura close the tapped hole / close the tapping
Entered by: Daniel Gold
chiusura autoclavica Self-locking pressure valve
ciambella ring shaped LPG tank
cielo pistone piston top
cilindro di azionamento actuating cylinder
cinghia di alimentazione drive belt
cinghie dentate toothed belts
Entered by: Maria Luisa Dell'Orto
cinque gamme sincronizzate per 3 gamme three ranges with five synchronised speeds in each range
Entered by: Gary Key
Cipria Gentileschi Gentileschi pink/blush
coda tronca Kamm tail
codino con tabelle portanumero tail tidy with number plate
Entered by: Maria Burnett
codino monoposto single seat
Entered by: Giorgio Tenedios
codolini rinforzati reinforced wheel arch rims
coi galletti che s’inseguono via radioline with the two show offs following each other on walkie-talkies
Entered by: EirTranslations
coll. connection
collaudatore di lusso top-flight test driver
Entered by: Fiona Grace Peterson
collettore d’aspirazione a 4 farfalle 4-valve intake manifold
Collo swan neck
colonnetta stud bolt
colonnina taxi (curbside) callbox / taxi \"call column\"
colonnine di ricarica recharging station
Entered by: James Twist
comando riduttore folle reduction gear control lever in neutral position
Entered by: Katharine Prucha
cominciamo con gli appunti begin reviewing race strategies
Entered by: EirTranslations
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