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italiano a inglés Automóviles / Camiones Translation Glossary

italiano term inglés translation
avantreno Front suspension/ front end
Entered by: Emanuela Galdelli
avvenuta chiusura electrical signal when the valve is shut
Entered by: Huw Watkins
avviamento a strappo autoavvolgente self-winding pull start
avviso di autenticazione Prompt to authenticate/authentication prompt
Azionamento operation
Entered by: Tom in London
azione di richiamo recall
• Non sono state volutamente registrate le valvole The tappets weren’t adjusted because..
Entered by: Maria Burnett
bacchetta beam
Entered by: Ulla Lundquist
Baffi Whiskers
Entered by: Jasmina Towers
bancate del basamento cylinder blocks
banco di tiro pull/pulling bench
Entered by: Katharine Prucha
bandelle laterali lateral sills
barilotto pinzato crimped terminal/barrel
Entered by: Jo Macdonald
barra para-ciclista side underrun guards
Entered by: Simon Lewis
barre longitudinali longitudinal bars
bassa (in this context) light
batterie scarrabili detachable batteries
bauliera carry-box
Entered by: Angela Arnone
bave burr
beni di investimento capital assets
Entered by: Simon Lewis
Benna DI RIPRESA (digging and) reclaim bucket
berlinetta di rottura a revolutionary small car design
Entered by: Tom in London
bicchierini bucket type tappets/valve tappets
bicchierino idraulico hydraulic cup
bietta key
bizona dual zone
bloccare l’asse da sostituire per secondo hold the shaft to be replaced second
Blocchetto di spinta crank seal installer/crankshaft seal installer
Entered by: Daniel Gold
blocco delle marce low gear hold
blocco rollio tilt lock
Entered by: Ulla Lundquist
bobina di innesto starter solenoid
bocchette air vent
BOCCOLA bushing
Entered by: Maria Luisa Dell'Orto
bolide high-powered racer
bollino blu emission conform vehicles(blue certificate)
boraciatura borax coating
bordatura di fuori figura trim
Entered by: Daniel Gold
brillante (automobile) very lively performance
Entered by: Graham Clarke
burattare to tumble/barrel
Entered by: Daniel Gold
bussola a t tee bush
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