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italiano al inglés Publicidad / Relaciones públicas Translation Glossary

italiano term inglés translation
A sud di nessun nord South of no North
la sua eleganza irriverente. its sassy elegance
Entered by: Lara Barnett
"Anticipa la primavera" There will be another spring / Spring will come soon/a glimpse of spring
"claim e super" claim and closing line
"L'aria che respiri trattala bene" take care of what you breathe
"stay ready" "stay ready"
Entered by: Cedric Randolph
(Trasmettere i nostri contenuti) senza farli cadere dall’alto without being patronizing
... compromettante della titolarita di Dulcofibre. compromising the legal ownership of Dulcofibre
Entered by: Heather Phillips
a ciascuno il suo to each his (her) own
Entered by: Dana Rinaldi
a colpo d'occhio effortless
a coppo convex/curved
Entered by: Jo Macdonald
a domanda per application
Entered by: John Walsh
A loro totale insaputa entirely/completely without their knowing
a supporto di in support of
Entered by: Maria Burnett
abbandonato alle emozioni just drifting away
Entered by: EirTranslations
accredito exclusive pass for access
adesivi ad intaglio die-cut stickers
aeroporto su misura tailor-made (seenote)
affissione dinamica transit advertising
agente di competenza authorised agent
Entered by: Maria Burnett
al centro ci sei tu It's all about you. You're In the heart of it all.
AMACA hammock
ambasciatore della qualità promotes quality/testimony to quality
ancoraggio imprinting / association
Entered by: simon tanner
apertura a compasso compass opening
argomentario business case
Ascom retailers' association
aste temples, stems
autoironica self-deprecating
automazione ingressi automatic entrance systems
avere nel proprio DNA to be in its DNA/to be inherent to its nature/to be in its blood/to have in one's genes/to have in its genetic traits/innate qualities
Entered by: Luisa Fiorini
Azienda ospedaliero-universitaria university teaching hospital
è lo snack preferito dai ragazzi it's the snack kids like best
badanti care-givers
bambino pianta plant child/plant-child
Bando call, notice, invitation
Banner autoportante e stendardi in versione verticale e orizzontale Self-supporting banners and both vertical and horizontal standards
barra giochi toy bar
benessere abitativo comfortable homes
Entered by: philgoddard
bianco calce lime white/whitewash
Entered by: simon tanner
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