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"Kem che?" "Chalta hai, chalta hai," "Baap re," ... "Chalo," "Ja Yah," "Kem Chhe?"=How is it?, "Chalta Hai"=It's going on, "Chalo!"=Come on!=Let's move!
Entered by: Vimal Panchal
संध्या-सुंदरी (Sandhya-Sund night queen, evening beauty
a:gha:r आघार
achha , pranam guruji, phone rakhta hun. OK, Greetings teacher, I'll hang up
Entered by: Ashutosh Mitra
Are Hey
Entered by: Balasubramaniam L.
तोहे तुम्हे
दिल जो धड़के ऐसे धड़के Oh! The heart beats as if....
फटेबाज़ a nosy person / an overly inquisitive person
Entered by: acetran
बगल मे छोरा, शहर मे ढींढोरा ! what you are looking for is right under your nose
जागी रात को नींद सुहानी सुहानी to be awakened from one's pleasant sleep
Entered by: Lalit Sati
विदंगम/बिदंगम/भिदंगम विहंगम
Entered by: Lalit Sati
करुण touching, pathetic
कइयों ने कई लोगों ने
अधीर restive, impatient , fidgety, restless, apprehensive
अपने ललाट की लालिमा चमकाना to realize that we are blessed with good fortune
Ba-saro chashm (ब-सरो चश्म) most gladly
Entered by: Tejinder Soodan
bai It is used for a lady to show respect.
besharam shameless
beta "son"
bootlegger, daru Bootlegger in Indian terms is a person who produces and sells illicit liquor cheaply-
chalo "Let us go"
datta 1.given 2. bengali surname
Entered by: keshab
deekra son
Ek chota peg एक छोटा पेग
EKA-DO One-two
Gangodak Ganges water
goonda One who cheats people of their valuables or one who bullies a weaker person.
Huzoor My lord
Entered by: keshab
kArnis---कार्निस cornice
Entered by: Tejinder Soodan
Mastam (literally) I am drunken : meaningless words of exuberance to introduce the song
Entered by: Quamrul Islam
mawali disreputable character or a drifter, or work shirker, or loafer
PAnii -kal (पानी-कल) Steam Engine OR Steam Ship
poras fries
Entered by: keshab
salwar-khamez Traditional dress of Punjabis, Gujarathis or for that matter Northern India.
Shopping ke liye jaenge, bhel puri khaenge . . . dollars me kamaenge, pum pum pu We will go for the shopping, eat bhel-puri (Indian spicy foodstuff).. earn in dollars, phew...
surabanhu greatest among gods
Entered by: keshab
Swachhand self-willed
Entered by: Quamrul Islam
Wah wow or great
yaar friend

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