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alemán a inglés Automóviles / Camiones Translation Glossary

alemán term inglés translation
Parabel Stützblattfedern parabolic auxiliary leaf spring
Achsfaust stub axle or axle stub
Anschraubölfilter screw-on oil filter
ein Sensor setzen (system) indicates light sensor hardware failure
Getriebesteller gear actuator
Entered by: Edith Kelly
konstant verlaufen to be constant / to have constant thickness
Rennleitungswagen pace or safety car
Entered by: Richard Stephen
Spiralgleithonung spiral slide honing
Entered by: Mustafa Er (BSc MA)
"einfach mehr drauf" "(Simply) loads more"
"genau zum" same appearance / design
'Bringt' Pferde zum Rennen Contributes horsepower to the race
(Gateway) Verbauliste (Gateway) CAN node list or device list
(Leerlauf)gemischregulierungsschraube idle mixture adjusting screw
(Software)abtastung polling
(Ur)-Spannstelle (reference) tie rod hole
Entered by: John Jory
*Stahlcord*draht (im Reifen) steel cord wire
1/min RPM
10 to. Achse 10-tonne axle / axle with a payload of 10 tonnes
Entered by: Steffen Walter
20-er Schritte increments of 20
Entered by: hschl
3-Lenkerachse 3-link suspension
3. Lesung 3rd Lesson
A-Flächenerzeugung A-Surface Creation
Entered by: Louise Mawbey
A-Holm A-pillar
Entered by: Louise Mawbey
A-Holm (automotive context) A-pillar, A-post
ab Einführung from its introduction / from the introduction of ...
ab Kenntnis von after becoming aware
ab/angarnieren removal/refitting
Entered by: Paula Price
Abbrandreserve burn off reserve
Abdeckteil covering or overlapping part
ABE general certification
abfallend deactivated, released
Entered by: Louise Mawbey
abflanschen Remove / disconnect / dismount
Entered by: Susanne Roelands
Abgabe handover
Abgasablage (Tippfehler) exhaust system
abgasarm low-emission
Abgasauflagen exhaust emission standards
Abgasdämpfer exhaust muffler
Abgashubrückmelder exhaust gas valve position sensor
Entered by: Louise Mawbey
Abgasrückführungsstrecke exhaust gas recirculation/return path
Entered by: Yuu Andou
Abgasrücklaufventil EGR Valve
Entered by: Susan Spies
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