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alemán al inglés Agricultura Translation Glossary

alemán term inglés translation
Streuanbau spreader attachment
Entered by: Marc Svetov
Streuehang upland hay meadows
Streuniere/n distribution pattern
Strohacker stubble field
Superabgabe super levy
taube Nüsse blank nuts
Entered by: Marc Svetov
Taxzahl rating number
Entered by: David Seycek
teilausgeschwenkt partially extended
Entered by: Reinhold Wehrmann
Teilbreitenschaltung section control
Entered by: Yuu Andou
Teilerführung divider guide/guidance
Entered by: Paula Price
Tellerspitzen disc tips
Entered by: Paula Price
Tenne und Kornschütte threshing floor and grain chute
tierisch piquant, animalic, animal odor
Entered by: Ramey Rieger
Tipeinwurf enhanced by tender leaf tips
Entered by: Ramey Rieger
Tonnenideologie quantity over quality (approach)
Entered by: Rowan Morrell
Topfkultur container gardening
Topfpillen Pelleted seeds
Tracht (honey) yield; nectar flow plant
treibender Dünger rapid-growth fertilizer
Triebkrafttest vigour test
Trockentrester (dry) draff
Umbruch tillage
Entered by: Paola Gatto
Umpumpen transfer
Entered by: Yuu Andou
Umrötekomponent Curing component
Umsetzen Turning
Umsetzen und Wenden (von Mieten) turning compost over or moving it around
Unkrautunterdrückungsvermögen capacity to repress weeds
Entered by: Ramey Rieger
Unterfußdüngung side dressing / side-dressing
Entered by: Edith Kelly
Untergrundhaken subsoil plow
Entered by: Samira Goth
Unterlassung schulden to be bound to cease/stop ...
untypisiert appeared as if it had not been properly registered
unverbrauchte Naturlandschaft the rich soil of a natural landscape
Urbarmachungskrankheit (agric) reclamation disease (caused by Cu shortage)
Entered by: Trinh Do
Urkorn-Saatgut heirloom grain seed
Entered by: John Speese
Verarbeitungsprodukt processed product/ substance
Entered by: David Hollywood
verbands- und länderübergreifende Plattform open, international platform
Entered by: Ramey Rieger
Versandschlachter mail-order butcher
verschießender Boden variable soils
versetzt abreifende Sorten varieties with staggered ripening (times)
Versuchsfläche trial site
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