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farsi (persa) al inglés Religión Translation Glossary

farsi (persa) term inglés translation
کافرانه (death as an) unbeliever
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
قهرمان داستان حکمین the hero of Hakamain Chronicle
مصلحت بينى course of action/justification
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
asma'al hosna The Most Beautiful Names of Allah/God
az cheshm-e-din didan to put it down to the religion, to blame the religion for it
Ghazaf false accusation of unlawful intercourse, false charge of fornication
hazrate ali dar nahjolbalaghe takavare sokhan ra be jolan avardeh ast His Holliness Ali has flown on the combatant of speech with full career in Nahjolnbalugheh
kamAle motlagh (the) Absolute Perfect
koordelAn-e-khofAsh sefat blind-hearted and bat-like people
moghadas maAb sanctimonious
pendar nik , goftar nik , kerdar nik Good thoughts, good words, good deeds
کد طلبگی seminary student ID number or code
Entered by: WJM53
گوارا باد may they enjoy...
Entered by: Mohammad Ali Omrani
گزاره ها propositions
ولایت و امامت مولی الموحدین guardianship and leadership of the lord of monotheists
وحی تشریعی prescriptive/legislative revelation
Entered by: WJM53
وضع Forging/ Fabrication
Entered by: Mohsen Askary
قلم pen
Entered by: WJM53
قائم the agent of the righteous; the establisher of justice; the Self-Subsisting (the Hidden Imam)
Entered by: WJM53
قابل جمع بودن co-exist, coexistence
قرینه های حالیه و مقالیه similar typological and categorical instances
Entered by: Zeynab Tajik
قساوت hard-heartedness
لنگ بودن در کاری/چیزی to be awkward/poor in sth
لاهوتی-ناسوتی theanthropic(al)
Entered by: Younes Mostafaei
نفس زکیه pure soul
Entered by: WJM53
نمازهایم قضا شده است I've lost the chance to say my prayers
Entered by: WJM53
نائب گرفتن to have a substitute perform the Hajj by proxy
Entered by: WJM53
نحلہ school of thought
موارد instances
موسوعه Encyclopedia
ماده استدلال in ratiocination, in the real sense of the word/ in the real sense of ratiocination
Entered by: Younes Mostafaei
متضایف Correlative/interrelated
متعهد committed / pledged
مراسم لعن the cursing ritual (traditionally performed by some Shiites during which Omar, a prominent figure in the early history of Sunni Islam, is cursed)
Entered by: WJM53
مرجع تقلید source of emulation
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
مسلمانان را به گرد خود می آورد to gather / bring together Muslims
Entered by: WJM53
معمم turbaned, belonging to the Muslim clergy
Entered by: WJM53
معانی جزئیه partial meanings
Entered by: Younes Mostafaei
اگر در قرآن مجید حتم نشده بود به خاتمیت ایشان If his seal of prophecy had not been ensured in the Holy Koran...
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
اهل کاری/چیزی بودن to be into something / to be interested in something / to be man of something
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