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farsi (persa) al inglés Gobierno / Política Translation Glossary

farsi (persa) term inglés translation
نگرش حذفي ? elimination-based attitude
Entered by: Habibulla Josefi
اتهام جعل عنوان accusation of impersonation
Entered by: Armineh Johannes
تنش Tension
Entered by: Mohammad Reza Razaghi
Country Procurement Manual ? راهنمای تدارکات کشور(ی)
Entered by: Habibulla Josefi
to see how .....can be.... پیش‌بینی نحوه تحقق اهداف سازمان ملل دشوار می‌نماید
فکری_سیاسی intellectual-political
فراعمل گرایی hyper-pragmatism/ultra-pragmatism
Entered by: Zeynab Tajik
کار از دست می رفت All would come to an end -- All would go under
کارت مخصوص ضرب مهر های اضطراری card for stamps for notable [or ‘special’] events
Entered by: Ekhlas
پيامدها Outcomes
Entered by: Mohammad Reza Razaghi
پنجه نرم کردن to deal with
Entered by: WJM53
پاسخگویی در چیدمان راهبردی و مدیریتی نظام ها responsiveness in strategic and manegerial arrangement (structure) of systems
Entered by: Ebrahim Golavar
وقت then-
Entered by: Zeynab Tajik
قابل اجرا دانستن to consider something enforceable
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
نمایندگان مخالف و موافق supporting and opposing deputies
موازی کاری parallel work
Entered by: Mahmoud Akbari
مخالفت مجلس ایران با سرپرستی وزارتخانه فاقد وزیر توسط وزیر دیگر Opposition of Iranian parliament with running/managing a headless ministry by a minister who is in c
مدیر کل اداره کل استاندارد استان Director General of the General Department of Standards of the Province
Entered by: Zeynab Tajik
مدیر کل تعزیرات حکومتی استان General Director of the Governmental Discretionary Punishments Organization of the Province
Entered by: Amin Zanganehinaloo
مدعیان ذکر رحمت حق those having a claim to remembrance of God\'s mercy
Entered by: Armineh Johannes
مرخصی بدون احتساب سنوات Non-count periods of leave (of absence)
مستعجل‎ interim
مشمولین Draftee
Entered by: Ekhlas
؟ رانت Economic rent
Entered by: Habibulla Josefi
آبادگر developer(s)
آرمانشهرگرايي Utopianism
Entered by: Mohammad Reza Razaghi
بگم بگم tattle/tattling/tattletale
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
به نوعی از in some way or another, somehow
Entered by: WJM53
بررسی صلاحیت investigating the qualification of ...
تحولات developments
تدابیر شدید امنیتی stringent security measures
Entered by: Younes Mostafaei
تزلزل سیاسی political instability
دﻫﯿﺎري rural municipality
Entered by: WJM53
ديري نپاييد did not last long
دستگاه اطلاعات intelligence service
رای گیری توسط گلدان Casting votes using a vase as a ballot box
Entered by: WJM53
سند راهبردي strategic document
Entered by: Hossein Emami
عوام فریبانه demagogical

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