The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

inglés al chino Textil / Ropa / Moda Translation Glossary

inglés term chino translation
300 weight Sherpa 300克重夏尔巴织物
5 point pocket 五角口袋
a&f Abercrombie & Fitch
American press 美式印花
Assorted hotel size EDA cleansing Bars 各种酒店规格维生素eda清洁肥皂
Aurora pocket 渐变口袋,渲染口袋,磨白口袋
bleach platter 圓碟形圖案漂白花紋
Bonded 粘结的,粘合的
BOTTLE 瓶褐色斑豹纹
Entered by: David Lin
button ups 长袖休闲衬衫
Centerbar 针扣
channel quilting 直线条式衲缝
Entered by: David Lin
club 梅花
crazy grain 粗粒纹
cuff 全耳式,绕耳式
cut sipping into the outsole of a rubber sneaker 用铅笔刀在运动鞋的鞋底割出纹路
denim movement 牛仔裤流行趋势
dense or tight 浓密或紧密
e-poly 弹性涤纶
Entered by: Siwei Wang
EA 氨纶
Each Signorellitee features designs for an affiliated non-profit 每件 Signorelli T恤都印有与附属非营利组织相关的设计
Ear Click construction Ear Click 结构的入耳式耳机
Ear Cuff 全耳式耳环,绕耳式耳环
eye candysilky 引人注目;光彩亮麗
fine jersey tops teamed with leggings 细平纹衫搭配紧身裤
flutter 袖子
foiled goat leather 亮光山羊皮
garment curtain 放衣服的隔层
go-to line 令消费者趋之若鹜
gusset 衬料
half sizes 半码
hi-top 高帮
horsetail 马尾草
hybrid-style 混搭风格
ID luggage tag 行李牌
in line answer/end button 嵌入式的应答/挂机开关
kicks 刺激/兴奋
knee opening 膝围
knocks you flat on your back 喜出望外
layers 层叠混搭
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