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8th and 9th period dismissals FYI
……made it all worthwhile through the love we share. For the past 9 years, I have learned so much about raising children from many different resources –e
giant advent calendar 降临节巨型日历
in the heat of it 热衷于(上下文中);受热捧(上下文中);正在激愤中、正在气头上、因激动等(常用义)
minute register 分钟计时盘
tax disc 税牌
"what you see is what you get" type of execution "所見即所得" 式執行
...only if... 如果......,要(只能)......
1 of 2 第1页,共2页
a balance of people 均等
Entered by: David Lin
a game of sorts 某种游戏
a slogan for the time to come 今后的口号
account for如何理解 说明
AdAir - Adversary Air Support 敌方空中支援
Entered by: Katherine Xuan
address it depends
All Technologies Forecast 各项科技(类)预测(表)
an analysis of the various water supply to determine the most economical life cycle approach. 通过分析各种供水方法确定最经济的生命周期法方案
another sentence 已从所显示的电子管贩卖栏提取了所显示的金额。
Antitrust Compliance Guide 反垄断合规性指南
Entered by: Lily Zhang
appliance “设施” 或 “设备”
applicato 见下
associate 合伙人
at whole expense--how to put it correctly. 费用全部由公用事业公司负担
Aurora Borealis 北极光
Entered by: jyuan_us
受托经营 Entrusted to manage
受托经营资金信托业务 Entrusted to manage capital trust operation
±15 g Range 测量范围正负15g
Entered by: Katherine Xuan
不符合業務 不符合業務
专业技术职务评审委员会 Professional and Technical Title Evaluating Committee
专用收费票据 Charge Bill/Note for special purpose
例外事项 exception
bands and brackets 正畸卡环与托板
bedding sand 垫层砂
bel fruit 木桔, 木苹果, 又称硬皮橘
Benzodiazepines 苯二氮[艹卓]類
beyond normal business practices 超越/不符合/违反正常的商业行为规范/惯例
binding 具有约束力
Blood sample 血样
box drop 送货上门
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