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inglés al chino Medicina: Salud Translation Glossary

inglés term chino translation
5-alpha reductase 5-α-还原酶
多发性实质性占位性病变 multiple consolidated space-occupying lesions
Entered by: albertdeng
better memory recall that day on into the following day 从当天直到第二天记忆力都有改善
calling in distress 痛苦中呼救
full-blown diabetes 终末期糖尿病
holder or spool 线夹或线轴
metal latch plates 金属扣件
received a foreclosure filing 收到房屋(抵押贷款)止赎通知函
seal 封口
second calling (业余)爱好
signing off on details 对小事点头认可/同意
since shopping music 自从商店内开始有音乐歌曲播放以来
skilled nursing facility 专业护理机构
sleep-wake cycle regulation 睡/醒周期的调节
volume of coverage 覆盖范围
(Potalai) Cranial Touch 颅部按摩
Entered by: Denyce Seow
a feeling of being suspended or floating 飘忽感/魂不守舍/胡思乱想
Entered by: Julia Zou
Acai Berry 巴西黑莓
ACS Administration for Children's Services
active-controlled 阳性对照
advocacy, advocate 倡议、倡议者
aerobic pace 有氧运动的节奏
ageing 衰老/老化
Entered by: Chun Un
ahead of the curve 居于领先地位
Aix-douche massage 水浴按摩
Entered by: albertdeng
Alzheimer's and dementia 老年痴呆症及其它痴呆性疾病
Ambien 酒石酸唑吡坦片
American Academy of Family Physicians 美国家庭医师医学会
Aroma Therapeutics Massage 芳香疗按摩
Entered by: Denyce Seow
Assistant Attending Dermatologist 助理皮肤科主治医师
asymmetric rigidity 非对称强直
Entered by: Julia Zou
Authorized prescriber to complete (表格此处)由有执照的医生填写
右肝内胆管砂粒状结石 Sand like stones in the bile duct of the right liver
Entered by: albertdeng
声晕 Halo
Entered by: albertdeng
外前后叶 outer anteroposterior lobe
Entered by: albertdeng
实质回音不均质 heterogeneous parenchyma echo
左内叶 left medial lobe
一次成象 instant imaging
Entered by: albertdeng
医务主任协作网 medical directors's network
Entered by: jyuan_us
包胆尚光滑 covering the gall bladder and with smooth surface
Entered by: albertdeng
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