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haptics; sulcus lens haptics = 晶体襻; ciliary sulcus = 睫状沟
biologic-naïve patients 没有接受过生物制剂治疗的患者
Entered by: Lu Zou
disc annulus and annular tear 椎间盘纤维环和纤维环撕裂
Entered by: albertdeng
G-protein coupled membrane spanning receptors G蛋白偶联跨膜受体
increased red blood cell destruction in the circulation 循环中红细胞破裂的增加
Entered by: Julia Zou
index partner 伴侣双方中已先感染HIV一方
low dose cytarabine off study (使用)非研究范围内的小剂量阿糖胞苷(治疗)
Entered by: Julia Zou
medical floor 内科病房
Entered by: Yucheng Luo
OR =Odds Ratio 比值比/优势比
Entered by: Adsion Liu
OUS LIST: Outside United States LIST 美国以外的列表
Entered by: Adsion Liu
post-dose 和pre-dose 给药前,给药后或服药前,服药后或治疗前,治疗后
pre-dose 给药前
Professional Dashboard 医护人员控制板
rejoining intestine 肠吻合=intestine anastomosis
Entered by: Julia Zou
Retrolisthesis of L3 with respect to L4 l3相对于l4轻微后移
Entered by: albertdeng
rounding service 查房服务
sagittalization 矢狀化
site personnel 研究中心工作人员
slide dips are programmed 。。。设置标本片在染色液中浸泡
the last 2 weeks 最近二周
"Big Pharma" 大型医药公司
...of oligodendrocytes, for example, in the vicinity of demyelination 先导致大量的precursors,最终出现大量的oligodendrocytes
1 hour prior to thrombotic challenge 血栓激发前一小时
1-(Dimethylamino)ethanethiol hydrochloride 1-二甲氨基乙硫醇盐酸盐
1. Howley PM. In: Fields BN, Knipe DM, Howley PM, eds. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippinc FYI
3-plane localizer 3平面定位器图像
4 weekly doses you are absolutely right!
4/1/08 一般是08年4月1号,不过要看上下文了
Entered by: lbone
45-degree angle cephalad 向头侧呈45度角
Entered by: jyuan_us
60% division of the median nerve 正中神经撕裂60%
Entered by: albertdeng
a population of interest ;analysis performance 鉴别关注的(细胞)族群; 分析性能
a return to within 10% of normal for renal function 恢复到与肾功能正常值偏离幅度在10%以内
AARC CRCE 美国呼吸治疗学会呼吸治疗继续教育
abscess formation... 脓肿形成
accessible to 无障碍
accompanying Perspective 配发的评论文章
accrual period 累积期
Entered by: Lu Zou
acute cost 急性疾病医疗费
Acute Dosing 急性给药
adefovir dipivoxil, entecavir, emtricitabine. 这些药物相对来说都是处于试验阶段的新药,有的尚未得到FDA批准。See explanation below.
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