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inglés a chino Medicina: Cardiología Translation Glossary

inglés term chino translation
meta-analysis 荟萃分析
apical foreshortening 心尖投影缩减
Breakthrough palpitations 心悸加重/恶化
Entered by: Lu Zou
cardiac rhythm management 心律调整
consecutive patients 连续病例
DAPT Dual Antiplatelet Therapy 双联抗血小板疗法(DAPT)
Ejection fraction units 射血分数单位
electrocardiogram 心电图
endovascular solutions 血管内液
favoring (the catheterized leg(s)) 喜欢将体重放在插了导管的腿
frequency of patients with at least 1 occluded distal anastomosis 至少一次患有末端吻合闭塞的患者的频率
geometric assumptions 几何学方面的假设
implantable micro-electronics 植入式微电子技术
internentional cardiology 介入心脏病学
isoindolinyl phenyl-butyric acid derivative 异二氢吲哚苯基丁酸衍生物
keyed 2-prong plug 键槽式双脚插头
Entered by: Lu Zou
low-gradient aortic stenosis 低压力阶差主动脉瓣狭窄/低压差主动脉狭窄
neuromodulation 神经调节
neuropathic pain 神经性疼痛
non-cardiac implantable electronics devices 非心脏植入式电子装置/芯片
obstructions (动脉)梗阻
pacemaker and implantable cardioverter defibrillators 心脏起搏器和内置心脏除颤器
po mane 晨时口服
preslit 预切缝
psychomotor leg and tone weakness 精神运动性下肢无力和肌张力减退
radius 半径
Entered by: Lu Zou
runs the entire length of the spinal cord 沿着脊髓的整个长度走行;脊髓前动脉贯穿脊髓全长
Entered by: lbone
S-enantiomer S对映体
secondary cerebral and cardiac ischaemic events 继发性脑心缺血
sinus node 窦房结
stereoselective study ; chiral inversion 立体选择性研究;手性(构象)反转
Threes and Fours 事不过三
Entered by: Lu Zou
Trilon 氨羧配合剂
Entered by: Lu Zou
Unexcitable Atrium 兴奋不能心房
vascular intervention 血管介入
ventricular run 室性早搏 (ventricular extrasystoles)
With Cause 因故终止/无因终止

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