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inglés al chino Mecánica / Ing. mecánica Translation Glossary

inglés term chino translation
approaching rollers motors 输入辊电机
approaching rollers motors and the decurling rollers motors 进(布)料辊电机/马达和整平辊电机/马达
dynamic 动能式的
identified by batch details 标明批次详情/详细信息
Entered by: Julia Zou
last head 应该是指最后的研磨头或末端的研磨头
stripping the cap off 启开、拔掉、起掉、剥掉盖子(瓶盖)
tie-off rails 系附杆
traverse method 横切法
2 phases of the mains connection must be exchanged. 电源连接的两相须调换
2% cutoff 2% 节流
6 lead cable 6 芯线(缆)
> The loader (electric winch) stops. 装载机(电力绞车)停止运行
a compressor driven by injection pumps 注射泵驱动的压缩机
a delta t of at least 20 K to the dew-point curve 与露点(曲线)间的温差(△t)应不低于20K
Entered by: William He
a mould to apply multi-coloured patterns and a press 一台印制多色图案的模具和一台压机
A sentence, especially "inch" 3/4 of an inch = 3/4"
a worm screw with balls at one end 一端有滚珠的蜗杆
acccess facilities 检修孔
access 接触
Entered by: Frank Feng
Active brush / Pasive roll 主动刷/被动辊
actual performance 实际绩效/实际表现/实际性能
actuator-strip 促动器安全带
Adjustable Crown 可调齿冠
Allowance 公差,或:余量
alpha α
Entered by: Adsion Liu
altitude kits 高空装备(设施)
Entered by: stonejohn
analog signal 模拟信号
Entered by: Julia Zou
Angular Inch Gap 以(靠背轮)上下间距差(英寸)衡量的角偏差
anti-rotational horizontal-reaction silent block 防滚水平响应阻尼器
Entered by: Frank Feng
approaching rollers motor 输入辊电机
arm-in relief 小臂回收安全(功能装置)
assembly 总成
atmospheric engine 大气引擎
attitude sensitivity 倾角敏感度、倾角灵敏度、斜向敏感度、偏位敏感度
automatic dumping of the oil flow 自动回油卸压(程序)
barb fittings 倒鉤配件
Base snap in 底座插件
bearing bore diameter 轴承内孔直径/轴承内径
Entered by: Adsion Liu
Benchtooling/Lean Cells FYI
between printouts 打印/打印输出间歇
Entered by: Weiping Tang
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