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inglés a chino Mercadeo / Estudios de mercado Translation Glossary

inglés term chino translation
at their maximum 发挥得最好/表现得最好
bloated 人员臃肿
branded utility 品牌效用
coding-optional 不一定需要编程
electrical set-up 电气装置
ethical holiday 生态旅游
fetal interventions 產前干預
give a speech or presentation 发表演讲或者作演示报告
hybrid with HDD base 以硬盘驱动器为主的混合硬盘/基于硬盘驱动器的混合硬盘
international safety & security recommendations 国际安全及保安建议措施
neither agree or disagree 既不同意也不反对
physical retail store 实体零售店
popping up 突然出现
present 已悉数并正确回答全部问题/已经悉数填写符合您情况的答案
proud and vibrant 热闹繁华、欣欣向荣
recycled bottle 可乐瓶环保布
stretch cigarette 弹性香烟
stretch lamb skin 钉板羔皮
the most 最常在的(地方)/最常用的(设备)等等
the publishing app in app to app tracking 发送应用在应用到应用跟踪中
V.P.P. star rating 卖主业绩计划星级评级
walk behind mowers 手扶式剪草機
zero turn equipment 零轉向設備
"finger-lickin' good" 吮指回味乐无穷
"Specialties only" market “特产专卖”市场
Entered by: lbone
...have been a ride... have been exciting
/discount 折扣店
100% non-woven polypropylene shoppers 100%无纺布聚丙烯购物袋
3 points spreads 3点差价
70% 3 折
Entered by: David Lin
a column of cabinetry 橱柜的格栏中
above the fold 头版
Access sales kits 使用销售成套工具
account for 能够满足/能够做到
Achieve a Risk Culture Index of 57% 风险文化指数(Risk Culture Index )达到57%
Entered by: Julia Zou
across 普遍涵盖
along maritime lines 按照船的外形
an acquired company 被收购的公司
an ethical and knowledgeable consumption 道德化和知識化消費
Analyst Inquiry Hours 分析师答疑时间
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