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inglés al chino Manufactura Translation Glossary

inglés term chino translation
rough cut foam 粗切的泡沫板
"ship / commit" 货运(装运)/委托
6 units in 40 minutes 每 40 分钟加工 6 个单位
Entered by: lbone
agile manufacturing 敏捷制造
all executions 各种规格
Areic mass 面质量
Entered by: Julia Zou
authoritative documentation 有权威性的(技术)文本
Entered by: Yi Yuan
Automatic Taper 自动贴胶带机
‘stamp of approval’ 認证章 or 騐証章
back-molded material 背面模塑材料
Barcode tracking 条形码跟踪 or 条码跟踪
Entered by: Donglai Lou
barrier tape 警示带(典型译法);阻挡带,护边(胶)带
Entered by: lbone
batching tank 配料池
bidding; contract;drawings etc. 投标;合同;图纸等
Block Top 封顶
booms (封栏)油栅
bulk materials 散装材料
bullet points 要点
Entered by: Frank Feng
buy out the annual leave 买断年休
call on 履行 / 使实现
calophyllum oil, Foraha oil, Tamanu Oil, Calophyllum inophyllum 琼堐海棠油, 红厚壳油,海棠果油脂
child’s play 轻而易举
continuous casting segment 连铸的段样
cult 令人狂恋/令人狂迷/令人狂热
delivery-shop 速递商店
did just that and it succeeded, they won, they did it / “就这样”
doing more with less 以少生多
drive tension guides 传动张力导板
encompass service 包含(服务)
Entered by: ricochu0311
espousing 耦合
False modesty aside 可以毫不谦虚地说
Flag resource groups over available capacity 在可利用的资源组打棋号
Flux-feeder 连铸保护渣
full bunker turnout gear 整套消防战斗服
furnish credit provide credit
Gabbiani Saw 对,Gabbiani不用翻译,译为Gabbiani锯床即可。
grid 电网
Entered by: Alvin Liu
historize 将历史数据归档
housing 箱体
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