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DEMOGRAPHIC DETAILS 人口基本情况统计, 人口基本状况统计资料
Assign To Multiple 分配给多人
band promotion 级别晋升
commitments 事务
de-puff 消除浮腫
executive recruiting company 猎头公司
fare 表现
filling station 灌装工位
forum 论坛
Galileo Asia, LLC (Travelport) 伽利略亚洲有限公司
inherent in 固有
input 意见;反馈
logical sequence 合理的进展
predecessors 先辈
Entered by: David Lin
sharper Shoulds 更严格的行事标准
short of sales target by 5% 比销售目标低5%
staff cover 员工职责
the weight of the criteria 标准的权重
top and bottom line (公司)总收入和账面利润(或净利润)
Uniprep Full-time Uniprep 全日制课程
what's it look like I'm doing? 你看我像在做什么?
(Give this a 10 or H) 给这打10分或H(Highest 最高分)
30 per cent of its waste treated by waste 30%的废弃物采用废弃物再生能源技术来处理
Acts as a source of knowledge and expertise for others 向別人提供知識﹑傳授技能。
Entered by: jyuan_us
and these in turn are with the market and the context. 并因此与市场及背景同步
Entered by: David Lin
are left with 在无其他选择之下,只好自己挑起照顾年迈双亲的重担 /untenable = 难以保持
Entered by: David Lin
Astonishment Reporting (新员工)观察(或反馈)报告
句子 见下文
“make your own” institution 为你自己建功立业
BioGeneric Pharma SAE 生物科技仿制药埃及股份公司 / BioGeneric Pharma 埃及股份公瓦司
blah,blah,blah 哩哩啦啦,哇哩哇啦
blank slot 空白栏位
brainstorming 头脑风暴
buy out 买下全部股权
carb 碳水化合物
CBI …… 英国工业联合会/英国工业联盟
change the Contribution Date from the default of current date 把行动日期从默认的当前日期改掉
Chase demand strategy 追赶需求策略
checkbox in the header row of that column 纵栏项目行上的全选框
China US Foods 中美食品或华美食品
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