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inglés al chino Derecho: impuestos y aduanas Translation Glossary

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anti-conduit financing rules 反导管原则/反导管金融原则
apportionment falls (税款)分摊减少
at Seller's risk 风险由卖方承担
Entered by: Julia Zou
controlling document 控股权文件或指令
Saracen 撒拉遜(对冲)能源基金
single issue of debt 发行一次债务/债券
single stage sales-based tax 单阶段销售税
territory of residence 办公地址
Withhold taxes 代扣税款/税金
Entered by: Julia Zou
(20081)湘地虚缴 Tax payment ( par value) for Hunan Local Taxation Bureau
a waiver of subrogation 代位追偿权的放弃
Entered by: Julia Zou
arm's length charge 公平收费
attractively priced finance 为集团以具有吸引力的成本融资
义务兵优待金 Allowance for Selected Serviceman
backup withhold 后备预扣税
business alliances 业务联盟
by bargain or sale or protocol 通过交易、出售或协定
capability 能力
Entered by: Julia Zou
Carrying account 帐面值计算记录
Entered by: David Lin
China Exit and Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau 中国出入境检验检疫局
clearance for transactions 交易确认信息
consequent gift or transfer tax implications 由此而产生的馈赠或 转帐/过户/转让税款/税金
covered and guarantee arrangements 承保 和 保证协议
current tax debit/credit 税款借项/贷项
dedicated tax 专项税
Entered by: Alvin Liu
defense of forum non-convenience 对不方便法院/法院不便的辩护
Entered by: Julia Zou
deferred tax balance 递延税项余额
exception 例外
Extinguished tax credits 已被销除的税款抵减(额)
Entered by: albertdeng
flow-through entity 过渡实体/公司
Good Rating 信用等级高
Gross-up Clauses 足额支付条款;全额支付条款
group relief losses 集团亏损冲抵(的情况)
headline profit 不计资本运作性质的利润
Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) 印度教共同家族
hold cover + letter of comfort 承保范围 + 信心保证书
HR statement Human Resources Statement 人力资源文件
Entered by: David Lin
leasing gross-ups 租借补足费
loan document 贷款文件
lower level of taxation 较低水平的税收征管
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