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database for calculation of allocation 数据资料来计算责任的分担
defeated 推翻...
Entered by: Julia Zou
诉讼代理人 Legal Agent(s)
Entered by: albertdeng
in no respects qualifies or modifies 绝不会限制或修改
interest upon a judgment 法庭裁定数额的累计利息
Entered by: Julia Zou
is otherwise 在其他方面
paragraphs 1 through 7 as though set forth herein word for word 应视为原告把第1至7段的内容在这里一字不差地重提(复述)一遍。
status of an agreement after discussions 请你方在进行相关讨论后,[在下表中填写]合同的进展情况
the European Convention on Human Rights legally binding in Britain binding 有(法律)约束力的
%age figures/no. of ATM machines ATM机所占的百分比/ATM机的数量
Entered by: Julia Zou
& ORS and others
a court of equal standing FYI ratio decidendi
A proxy is void if it is not dated or purports to be revocable with notice. Thank you. 如果没有签署日期,或故意写上"经通知,此代理协议书可撤销"的条款,代理协议书将被视为无效。
Entered by: jyuan_us
A sentence FYI
Entered by: albertdeng
A structure or condition 建筑结构或条件
Entered by: Julia Zou
ABE Achieving Best Evidence
abstract of title 产权简史;产业契据摘要
Access 争取
Entered by: Lu Zou
Act of Parliament 国会法案
Act/Alt 控方/辩方
Entered by: David Lin
acting appointment 署任;署理職位
action 诉讼
Entered by: jyuan_us
active member 当/现届成员
actual malice, "shield" law, gag order 實質惡意, 保護法, 禁言令
actualité 確認事實
Entered by: David Lin
adjourned the hearing for the preparation of a pre-sentence report 推迟举行听证会以便准备量刑引入(社会)评价报告
Admin Re UK Financial Crime Procedures Guideline 英国(出版的)金融犯罪介绍及预防指引
Entered by: David Lin
administration order 监管令;破产保护令
admit the enhancements, allegations and prior convictions 今次重犯的罪行
Entered by: David Lin
adulterated 假冒伪劣(产品)/掺假
Advocats Act Cap 律师法第XX项
agreed by consent 经同意
Entered by: Ian Wang
alien card 居留证
Allocation of burden and Individually-decided conditions 分担责任及个别决定的条件
an adversarial system 对抗制/抗辩制/当事人进行主义
angel and venture finance 天使融资和风险融资
anything of value 任何有价馈赠(在一部反腐败法中用语)
appear before 到……席前應訊
Appearer 出庭人;应诉人
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