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inglés al chino Periodismo Translation Glossary

inglés term chino translation
café restaurant DOT.COM DOT.COM 餐馆
Entered by: Julia Zou
Fran鏾ise 弗朗索瓦兹
open cut coal customers 露天煤矿客户
Entered by: Julia Zou
private members clubin Berkeley Square 到私人会所跳舞消遣
Entered by: David Lin
Sony premium 6-disc in-dash sound system 索尼高级6片式内置音响系统
Entered by: Julia Zou
Sydney Morning Herald 悉尼晨锋报
the San Francisco Symphony Board of Governors 旧金山交响乐理事会
"compelling and deeply disturbing article " 引人注目且令人不安的文章
"extraordinary rendition." 特别转让(引渡)
Entered by: albertdeng
"Outsourcing Torture." 外包酷刑(拷打)
Entered by: albertdeng
a new offence of incitement to religious hatred 将鼓动宗教仇恨列为一种新的罪行
a second acting ensemble 另一个剧组
Entered by: Julia Zou
affirmative action admissions policy 平权法案录取政策
An immediate and absolute military necessity. 刻不容緩、絕對的軍事需要
As discreet as she is rich 富而不露
at strategically located production facilities 在战略要地的生产厂
Entered by: Julia Zou
‘Deliver the Promise’ renewal workshops "履行承诺"温故知新讲座/研讨会
Entered by: Julia Zou
Brenthurst Initiative 布伦舍斯特倡议书
Business Analyst for IT for OCP OCP的IT业务分析师
Entered by: Julia Zou
C1 and C2 C1和C2级
campaigner 运动鼓动人
coalesce 团结起来
Commissioning Team for the ‘Yarwun 3’ Ammonium Nitrate expansion ‘Yarwun 3’硝酸铵扩建项目调试组
Entered by: Julia Zou
cringe 避而不谈
cutting-edge 尖端、最先进的
defensible policy 可以解释得通的政策
Entered by: albertdeng
enablers 助虐者/成其恶行者
Explore England’s England 探索地地道道的英格兰
Entered by: Julia Zou
extend the 660 litre bin service 扩展/推广660(公升)垃圾桶服务
Entered by: Julia Zou
extra free call up collection 增加免费的即呼即收服务
Entered by: Julia Zou
extra inspections of businesses 加强对商家的检查
Entered by: Julia Zou
逻辑问题 Editorial Negligence
Frontline Ltd. 前线(Frontline)有限公司
good news is good news 有好消息才是好消息
Entered by: Ivan Niu
Harrow College of Higher Education (原)哈罗高等教育学院
hunting and eliminating terror wherever it is 搜寻及打击任何存在的恐怖活动
I partied my tail off 我都玩疯了
Entered by: Lu Zou
iconic name 象征性品牌
Entered by: Alvin Liu
if only to ֻҪ
imperatives 守則
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