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driven people 雄心勃勃、充满动力的人,有进取心的人
heartbeat 推动力
Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act 57 宾夕法尼亚州劳工赔偿57号法案
Entered by: Julia Zou
person directed planning 有人指导的规划
shall be paid for claims 将根据索求(要求)支付
a legitimate business rationale 正当的商业(业务)需求
acted in reliance upon this authorization 依据授权行事 / 依据授权行事行使(权力)
Entered by: Julia Zou
ambiguity about what is expected of him/her 不能确定对他/她的期望是什么
Entered by: Julia Zou
as of 截至
Entered by: Julia Zou
at a client's premises 到/在客户的办公室(工作场所), 在客户处
Entered by: lbone
at a relaxed pace 不紧不慢;慢悠悠地
average working adult 普通成年工作者
“O/T + incentive” credit 加班和激励性补贴
Entered by: Julia Zou
be faxed to the confidential fax 发送到机密传真
BONUS and GRANT 红利股和赠与股
Entered by: Julia Zou
business versus lifestyle farmers 为做生意而务农者相对于为怡然自得而务农者
Cage manager (赌场)出纳柜台经理
Calling 'on demand' 根据点菜需求, 向有关厨师发施号令/指挥各负责厨师
Entered by: David Lin
come out ahead/even 更胜一筹:come hour ahead// 不分胜负:come out even
company radio 公司(内部的)无线对讲系统/机
competency profile 能力概覽
contributory defined benefit pension scheme 共集定额给付养老金计划
CRB checked (有)犯罪记录
Entered by: lbone
defining experiences 界定性的经验
Entered by: Julia Zou
drug screened 药物检查
Entered by: Julia Zou
except that 只是
Entered by: jyuan_us
Family & Medical Leave entitlement for that qualifying year 该年度应享有的探亲与医疗假
fill paper holders 给纸架续纸
Entered by: Julia Zou
first contract term/1st year of service 首次协议的合同有效期限/第一年服务
Functional report 职能上级
General Plant Regulations 工厂制度总章
Giorgio Fresh Co. giorgio fresh 公司
Entered by: Julia Zou
governs 指导
Hosting 接待业
Identifies supporters to win over others 确定支持者,争取其他人。
if an office of a company HQ’d elsewhere 如果您在公司总部(不在您的地区或国家)下属的一个分部
Entered by: Julia Zou
implement crown-jewel patents 极其有价值的专利
Entered by: Julia Zou
in "stealth" 隱蔽運行模式/隱蔽方式
Entered by: Julia Zou
increasing in complexity, intensity, sophistication or completeness 在复杂性、强度、练达度、完整性上不断增加
International Mobility Preferences 海外工作意向国
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