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American democratic liberalism 美国式民主自由;美国民主自由思想(思潮);美国民主自由主义
a pedestrian and misleading formula 俗套且为误导的成规
a remote cause 远因
a social as well as a physical inheritance 既承受着社会上的也承受着身体上的遗传
Aitolean Leagues 埃托利亚城邦联盟
Entered by: Zong Yang Yu
Aleqasina 阿莱卡辛娜
an almost pathological fury 一种近乎病态的狂怒
An Essay, Medical, Philosophical, and Chemical on Drunkenness and Its Effects on 从医学、哲学及化学观点谈醉酒及其对人体之影响
at that 而且还是
at the very least religious idealists who sought to go beyond the Law 最起码是盼望能够超越律法约束的虔诚理想主义者
benevolent providence 善意的关怀
big-footed hillbilly witches 贝弗利山乡巴大腳女巫
bits of experience of given data 关于已知事实的零星感受
bound on 将要/即将
Boxer's Song (Taiping) Have you got the Russian transliteration?
celebrity legal 名人法律新闻
Century of Humiliation 百年耻辱
Chihuahua 奇瓦瓦 (州)
Entered by: Denyce Seow
Committee on the Acquirement of the Drug Habit 毒瘾防治委员会
detention in hospital 住院就医
each man has the place for which he was designed by nature 每个人依其本性适得其所
enjoin positive acts 命令相应行为
ephemera 纪念品
felt driven to lead an imperfect life 觉得被迫过着并非尽善尽美的日子
foolhardiness or rashness 有勇无谋,轻率鲁莽
for want of a better term 找不到更好的说法,只能说...
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado 弗朗西斯科‧瓦斯奎兹‧德‧科罗纳多
further encroachments 进一步侵犯人权的行为
generalizations from varied specific details and the problem of the like 根据某些特定的细节进行综合概括
Gerrit Smith 格利特·史密斯
getting rid of 处理掉
Here we need only sample from the range. 此处吾人仅须举其荦荦大端
Herostratean complex 希罗他底狂人综合症
in human ways 在处世方面
junk 帆船
Le Club de Haschischins 大麻俱乐部
Entered by: Denyce Seow
maneuvers 演习
medical chemicals 医药化学品
modern fictional 现代小说......
more concerned with the study of disease than with its cure 较关注的是疾病的研究而非治疗
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