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a means to express our appreciation 谨表谢意
institutional-quality 具有專業投資分析機構水準/質素的
listing 认证
More Andy Griffith and Less Barney Fife 更多像 Andy Griffith 及更少像 Barney Fife
Overfill Or Increased Intra-Peritoneal Volume 过度注入或腹膜腔容量增加
Entered by: Lu Zou
a combination of problems 一堆问题
a cynical bent 愤世嫉俗之流
a dash 一次滴注
A Special Greeting For You 谨此敬祝圣诞愉快、新年如意!
abundance 丰裕
affiliate faculty member 附属教员
AFInstD 董事学会认证成员
Entered by: albertdeng
alias 又作,又為,另作,別作
Entered by: RaffaellaG
all reported 和 SaS 所有上报(条目/内容) / SAS 统计软件
ANTEK(SH) CO., LTD. 上海亚勋斐瑞商贸有限公司
at my post 上班
Austinites 奧斯汀人
事故征侯调查 事故徵侯調查
以坪数乘以100计算 compute/calculate area multiplying number of tsubo by 100
Entered by: albertdeng
Bates number 贝茨编号
big month 重要的月份
bin 安检筐
Brake assist plus (BAS PLUS) 附加煞車輔助系統
brazier 胸罩
Breaching tools 抢险工具
butt-welded tube 对接焊管
cable needle 麻花針
catch-22 第二十二条军规的荒诞陷阱
cdc 社区发展理事会
Entered by: Frank Feng
Chlorofluorocarbon 氯氟碳化合物\\ 含氯氟烃
Choose three groups to make for the words. 选出三个你认为适用于字库里的单词的组别
Entered by: David Lin
colored 多彩
Concourse 中央大厅
Entered by: stonejohn
Configure Tadiran Integration 配置集成tadiran(产品)
Entered by: Julia Zou
conflict free 非冲突
copper conductors with extruded XLPE insulation, extruded PVC over sheath 挤压成形聚乙烯绝缘、聚氯乙烯外护套铜芯电缆
courtesy of 承蒙XXX提供
Entered by: Ivan Niu
coxcombical 浮誇的
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