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inglés term chino translation
fitted with the widest coverage maps in the market 配备有市场上覆盖地域最广的地图
Entered by: Julia Zou
skeletal cranes 塔吊
The soft buna seat runs the entire 360º of the disc, thus reduce the turbulence 柔软的合成橡胶阀座与盘形阀瓣360度接触,因而减少了湍流
Assa cylinder 亚萨锁胆
亮珠 stars
引火线不能通过旁燃测试,霉变,破损, 空引,藕节 fuse failed/did not pass the side ignition test, mildew,damage,blank/empt fuse,gap
Belt freezer 传送带冷冻机
CadCam 计算机辅助设计和辅助制造
Entered by: albertdeng
charge plate 电极板
Entered by: Liang Zhao
coker unheading device 焦化器开盖装置
Credited ad 點擊(點擊即付費)廣告
DealerLocator 经销商搜寻器
diffusor sections and columns 扩散段和扩散柱
Entered by: Liang Zhao
DIPIX T60 wide lane inspection and rejection systems DIPIX T16 广道式生产线验收标准制度
Driving dynamics 驱动(动)力学/驾驶性能
Drop over shelves 置入托架
Engine Compliance Programs Group 发动机适应性项目小组
Entered by: Xu Dongjun
environmental stress screening 环境应力筛选; Traditional: 環境應力篩選
Entered by: Adsion Liu
Euro cylinder 欧式锁胆
execution 规格
Family Emission Limit (FEL) 发动机系列排放限制(FEL)
final deteriorated test results 最终耐久性测试结果
Entered by: Xu Dongjun
Forged Steel Valves with socket welds, threaded and combined ends 锻钢阀,带焊接套管、螺纹及组合端口
Fused Silica grain 熔融石英颗粒
gate valve 闸阀
ground flush 磨平
Entered by: Liang Zhao
heat extraction 散热(量)
Entered by: Xu Dongjun
Impulsion fan 冲击式鼓风机/通风机
leafblower 吹落叶机
Microbiological safety cabinet/cytotoxic safety cabinet 微生物安全柜/细胞毒素安全柜
more present in your daily life 更好地服务于您的日常生活,更加贴近您的生活
offering solutions from 6,000 to 80,000 btus 提供从 6000 到 80000 btu 的空调解决方案
Entered by: Julia Zou
packaging topper 包裝帽
passenger cars and vans 轿车和厢式车
phormaldehyde 甲醛
point radially inwards or outwards with the seal in a level position 密封置平位,......方向呈放射状向内或向外
Entered by: Liang Zhao
positive placement 明确处置
proover 发面柜/发面机
rack guidance, free walls 格架支承,空闲内壁
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