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inglés al chino Educación / Pedagogía Translation Glossary

inglés term chino translation
a cumulative 0.000 grade average 累积平均积分
Entered by: Julia Zou
AA, APSCS 成人助理, 负责学生辅导服务的助理校长/学生辅导服务助理校长
Entered by: Julia Zou
Block 5 大樓
CIP 和Sharity 社区服务计划; 愛共享
divided over 分期付款三個月内攤還/支付
Early Dismissal 早放学
ELA English Language Art 英语语言艺术
Entered by: Julia Zou
Ethical Culture 伦理/道德文化(协会/社)
hop a 2-2 pattern 2-2单足跳步法
Entered by: Julia Zou
leafy suburb 绿树成荫的市郊
limited English proficiency 有限的英语能力
Math Fluency 计时算数测试
Entered by: Julia Zou
Rapids Water Park 激流水上乐园
regulation softball 标准垒球
Entered by: Julia Zou
S.D. Standard Deviation (标准差)
Entered by: Julia Zou
sit them in ‘chunks’ “每次只考其中一部分”
student Orientation handbook 新生指南
take away excuses from those who are complacent, 让那些自满(满足于现状的人)不再有借口可找
teacher made tests/rubric/student work samples 教师制定的测试题/评分量规/学生作业范例
Entered by: Julia Zou
/s/ with frontal distortion and the "er" with vowelization /s/的前音不清楚以及 "er"的元音化
Entered by: Julia Zou
1 Player Link Four 1 人四連棋
10 school days 10个上课日
Entered by: Kevin Yang
11RD 11年级的学生
90% Band 90% 信赖区间/带
Entered by: Julia Zou
<3rd% <第3百分位数
Entered by: Julia Zou
a high quality niche product 高品质利基产品
Entered by: Alvin Liu
a regular for age diet with supervision 在监护下接受了与其年龄相符的饮食量
Entered by: Julia Zou
a sentence 作为奖励,可允许学生上网,在不影响课程的前提下。
a surrogate parent 代父母
Entered by: Kevin Yang
a ten piece form board with foresight 能先見的(完成了)十個鑲嵌的 辨認形狀的鑲嵌板
academic stream 理论课程
Entered by: Julia Zou
acceptance packet and 1-20 录取包中内含官方1-20表格
Access to Ideas 集思广益
accordingly 据之以
Accordion Brochure 折叠式小册子,折叠式手册
acquaintance 一般了解
activity center 游乐园
adjunct professor 兼职教授/兼任教授
advanced placement courses 进阶先修课程
all important information is exchanged 所有重要信息交流通畅
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