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control panel 控制面板
Disk Cost 硬盘用度
end-to-end chain connection/link
Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling 通过安全隧道的灵活验证
Often these changes will be automated or implicit 自动或隐式地
overnight batch jobs 夜间(进行的分)批处理工作
turn the tables on 扭转局面/转败为胜
what-if scenarios 假设分析方法/方案
wireless backhaul 无线回传
a "Day Zero" attack 初始攻击
a branch facility 子网
a collection of standards-based TCP enhancements 一组基于标准的TCP增强功能
a meaningless exercise 一項無意義的舉動
a named server 命名服务器
a PBX overlay (整个)PBX系统/网络
a total coverage of 19,000 feet 总覆盖半径达19000英尺
activate new orders 着手工程施工或技术调试/着手实施订单工程
add to be the sum of the original waveform 原本信号波形的总和
addressing 涉及/涉足
adopt a mobile relationship 建立一种在可移动服务方面的合作关系
animal swing door 可任意出入的推拉门
Any wonder why some executives prefer to pick on IT budgets? 难怪有些主管将注意力集中在IT预算上
approach vendor selection with very fine granularity 仔细选择供货商
around 在...周围
as needs dictate 这些都是(具体)需要/求决定的
At a higher level 进而言之
at least two acceptable access point signals 可接收来自至少两个接入点的信号
back-off delays 等待延迟
Bad, bad server. No donut for you. 坏,坏,坏服务器。不给你多纳圈吃。
bandwidth rate 带宽速率
Bluetooth profiles 蓝牙应用规范
bog down 琵....篊ㄓ
Entered by: langscholars
bridge 网桥/桥接器
bring spinning, meaning random-access, advantages to archive and backup (全息技术)能够为存档和备份带来旋转即随机存取的优点
broken RSS-feed 中断/断开
business case 商业理由
business enabler 业务促成因素/业务推动力(量)
but at this point it's every vendor for itself. 到目前为止, 各厂商都是各自为政
Entered by: Philip Tang
but don't get trapped by proprietary systems. 不过,千万不要被这些专有系统捆住了手脚
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