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Start Plastics Data 启动塑料业数据
starting point 启始点
Status Valid On 状态有效/生效日期
stocks of cash 库存现金/现金储备
story 文章
stringify 字符串化
style conflict resolution 样式冲突解决(方案)
success 顺利/成功执行
Success With Warnings. 成功发出警报
tables 表格
take the next step to on-demand intelligence to=going to/towards
taller-than-wide layout 纵向版面/竖式版面
TCO 总体拥有成本
team dynamics 团队活力
Temp badge 临时卡
tertiary 一年三次
Tethering的表达 共享(移动电话的)网络资源
that encourage hedging through higher stockholdings 减轻是否增加库存的疑虑以安然避险
that the original applications were developed in 从开发原来应用程序所基于的特定平台
the enabling technology base 能发挥效用的技术基础
the perceived benefit of float built into the delays 迟延付款让人误认为会帶來好处
the settings as applied to a 100-percent diagram 根据100%(比例的)图表所应用的设置
this is communicated back from the RADIUS server to the switch RADIUS服务器将这一情况通知交换机
tile 图块
Time Picker 时间选择器
to explode 激增
To Pick 选用(量)
To Put 投入(量)
To put this in financial terms 以/拿财务术语来说
token 令牌
top-down 自上向下的
Total Processed 总加工量
Total Run Effort 总运行尝试次数
transient data packets 临时数据包
transit 转换
troubleshooting 故障排除
TTRowVersionStamp tt行版本时间戳
turn this off and on 红外线数据传输
U.S. federal rules of Civil Procedure effective 01-DEC-2006 2006年12月1日生效的《美国联邦民事诉讼规则》
Entered by: William He
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