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inglés a chino Informática: Programas Translation Glossary

inglés term chino translation
be inline with 插入
engine-neutral 与引擎无关的
Entered by: Lu Zou
externalize 显示
flush 刷新
global processes and retention schedules 全球/全局流程和保留时间表
Entered by: William He
iterating through 逐一重复执行
Mapping 映射
midlet 移动信息设备小程序
stickers and magnets 不干胶和磁贴
Entered by: Frank Feng
the scanning and inventory pieces are all COM-based 扫描和记录增补都是基于COM的
turn loose on your database 应用到您的数据库上
"slow time" conversation 非实时会话
a 4 x 3 aspect ratio 4x3 宽高比
a bulk-mail house 承揽群发邮件业务的公司
a keyboard-pattern projector 键盘图案显示激光器
a notion of components 组件的概念
Entered by: lbone
a site license 团体许可证
a steep learning curve 陡峭的学习曲线 ? 雇员们面临着艰巨的学习任务
ability to take early discounts and improved price terms for e-payments 能改善电子付款的价格条件之即早降价的能力
across 横向
Addin 插件
advocacy group 倡导组织
aggregates over an hour or a day. 一個小時或一整天的綜合資訊
ambiguity 模糊性/不确定性
an IPSec VPN client IPSec VPN客户机/客户程序
Anchored Objects 锚定/固定物件
Entered by: Julia Zou
approval routing 许可路由
archiving old messages out of the primary backup set 把旧邮件归档到主备份集以外的位置
artificial intelligence 人工智能
As is so often the case, 情况3往往是这样
asynchrony 异步操作
authoring content 创作内容
authoring language 编辑语言,写作语言,编写语言
Authorization Line 确认行
Automatic case off/on 关闭/开启 自动大小写字体设置
autowire feature 自动绑定功能
Availability Date 到货日
代码域管理器 FYI
Bank control key 银行控制代码
Bank of America 美国银行
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