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inglés term chino translation
market 面向通用市场
pre-tailoring 准备工作(过程)
(module) blanks 填充模块,假模块
a highly parallel problem 高度并行的问题
a marketing presentation 销售/推介演示文稿
apparent swap space 显态交换分区保留极限
backplane 背板,底板
balls of both agents 这些信号必须与坐落在系统总线上的两个晶体元件的适当的接触头相接
beefy 强健的/稳健的,强大而稳健的(业务)
Carry Over Recovery 存续资料恢复
complement 补码
concatenated volumes 连接卷
Dock 坞站/扩展坞
Entered by: Frank Feng
dockable windows 可停靠窗口
Entered by: Alvin Liu
endorser 背书器
facility 功能
full stripe 全条带
Entered by: Alvin Liu
funding of 提供资金/经费
higher yielding transistors 成品率较高的晶体管
independent temperature monitor 独立温度监测器
Entered by: Lu Zou
insofar as 鉴于/由于
it's much more subtle than that 情况并不十分明显
Manufactured for 委托制造方;制造委托方;定制方
Entered by: Weiping Tang
mapped to 相当于
Multitag and Extended Cap 多标签读取及扩展功能
phising 网络钓鱼/網路釣魚
plotter 绘图仪
Power cap seal 电源(密)封盖
Entered by: albertdeng
preferred embodiment 最佳设计形式/首选实现方案/首选配置
removable devices 卸除式裝置 (traditional)/可移动设备 (simplified)
Scale 刻度
searched for the minimum number (在子部件/零件中)追求最低限度的有害物质含量
Short of 由于没有
streamline portable performance 改进便携工作环境的编辑性能
terminating transistor 终接晶体管/端接晶体管
The best example of a standard that we'd like to emulate with blades is around P 对于刀片服务器,PCI标准是我们所要仿效的最好例子.
threading 线程通讯
Tomcat memory realms Tomcat Memory Realm 的身份验证模式
touchable area 可触区/触感区
Entered by: Adsion Liu
touchy connector 难以使用的连接器
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