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inglés al chino Negocios / Comercio (general) Translation Glossary

inglés term chino translation
a business facing centre 面向业务的(协作与研究)中心
Entered by: William Xie
arranging airport transportation 安排去机场的车辆
Chair of Partnerships Committee 合伙项目委员会主席
Entered by: albertdeng
credits 信用额
engagement referrals (客户)服务推荐
Entitled ... to any sovereign or other immunity 就 ... 享有國家豁免權或其他豁免權 ...
Entered by: albertdeng
Fast track collection 快速收银(台)
first time fix ratio 首次完修率
Entered by: Julia Zou
GM, Booked Orders, Win Rate 毛利、接受的订单量、赢单率
Entered by: jyuan_us
journey mapping 客户旅程分析
round the fare up to the next dollar amount 车费以整元为单位、不足一元按一元算
trading from the premises 在 该 / 上述 房屋营业 / 经营
Entered by: David Lin
underlying IT systems 基础 IT 系统
Whol & Mfrs 批发商 & 制造商
"backroom staff" and "familiarisation programme" 管理人员, 推介计划
"Dress" and "physical apparel" 衣著和服飾
"PMID", "PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE" 解释
Entered by: jyuan_us
$500BB Billion
% Change in scope of consolidation 在兼并范围内的变化百分比
(Business proposal) prepared for/by: 送交方/制作方
Entered by: albertdeng
(publishing) agent 出版代理(商)
(sales) pitch 宣传标语
(the stock price will) languish 上漲乏力
1 line core products (base line) 1 系列核心产品(基线产品)
Entered by: Adsion Liu
160MM in monthly capacity annualized at an average vial price of $.10 按照(全年)平均每瓶 0.10美元计算,月生产(销售)量(能力)为1.6亿美元
2 & 4 Bank Bubbler 2头及4头(果汁/饮料)机
2-Count Counter Displays 双格柜台式展示盒
3-mth avg T/O 成交額 (Turnover; T/O)
<integrate personalized link> (please type into your web browser) <整合/植入个性化链接>(请在您的网页浏览器中输入)
Entered by: Julia Zou
a 5:1 stock split 股票1拆5
a brief stint 短暂供职
a flat monthly fee 固定月费
a framed set of dollar bills 一套裝裱起來的美元現鈔
a market ripe for the picking 商机涌现的成熟市场
a preferred client price 首选的客户价格?优惠的客户价格? 优先客户的价格
A reflection pool around the surrounding upperfloor building 倒影池
Entered by: albertdeng
a strong posture 坚定的态度
A/R account receivables = 应收账款
AbcAbout ABC环球通讯
acts with honor 言行有信
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