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表述 针对系统的失效模式与影响分析 (System-FEMA) 旨在对系统范围内各元件的正确互连功能及其相互的联系,进行分析。
Entered by: David Lin
heated windshield-washer 可加热挡风玻璃清洗系统
one bad mother 令人生畏
paddle-style 踏板式
step- thru 并步式
2-Min Production Test Cycle 2分钟生产测试周期
Entered by: Donglai Lou
26 inch chrome plated alloy wheels 26英寸镀铬合金车轮
Entered by: Julia Zou
3-bay gauge cluster 三環式儀表盤組
Entered by: Adsion Liu
360 Challenge Stradale 极速跑车 360
a performance-bred turbocharged petrol 高性能涡轮增压汽油机
Entered by: Julia Zou
Accesory pocket 杂物袋
Entered by: albertdeng
Acoustic insulation systems 隔音系统/设备
Active Distance Support 自动测距制动装置(ACDIS)
Agile Vehicle Resequencing 灵活(的)车辆重新排序/重排
Entered by: Adsion Liu
anti-sail 抗风
Entered by: Frank Zou
anti-skid system 防滑系统
Arnage 雅致
assembled colunm kits 组合式转向柱套件
Assist grip 扶手; 拉手
Entered by: albertdeng
Auto-leveling rear suspension 自(动)调平/平衡后悬架/挂/置(系统/装置)
Entered by: Adsion Liu
autobiography finish 个性化内装
Bank 组,列,排,套
base engine 原型发动机
Base Engine 基本发动机
Entered by: Donglai Lou
beauty 漂亮
bed-liner 厢衬
Bell House Covers 鍾形罩; 鍾形外殼;离合器壳
blackout 遮光罩(车灯罩子)
Booster Seats 幼儿加高座椅
Entered by: Kevin Yang
BOW 弓形杆
Brake-by-wire (EMB, EHB), brake actuation systems, brake hoses 电控制动
bumper armature 保险杠护/挡板/加固结构
Entered by: Adsion Liu
camber (angle) (车轮)外倾角/中心线弯曲角
Entered by: Adsion Liu
campaign programming 活动策划
camshaft 凸轮轴
caravan industry 露营车行业
carbon guidance 碳导槽
carry-over 大体上仍然延用
Entered by: Fred Ma
chrome bar (鍍) 鉻鋼棒
Cibles pays 目标国家
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