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danés a inglés Telecomunicaciones Translation Glossary

danés term inglés translation
afvanding dewatering / draining
Entered by: Rosica Dimitrova
´masseindtastning´ mass data input
Entered by: Lise Leavitt
bakkefald slope
Entered by: Rosica Dimitrova
beløbsmæssigt....see hele sætning based on cost
Entered by: Lise Leavitt
bruttolønsfinansieret deducted from gross; paid by gross salary deduction
Dannebrog Danish official flag, Her Majesty\'s Ship, Highest Meritorious Order
Difference between opkald and samtale (in this context) dialup and call
fællesantenneanlæg communal aerial system
Entered by: Charles Ek
fiberboksen fibre optic box
Entered by: JANOS SAMU
fjernarkiv - nærarkiv remote archive - local archive
Gennemvalgstelefon Direct-dial phone
indgange lines/ports
indholdstakserede SMS premium rate text message
Janteloven Jante's law, Jante law
kabling cabling
krydsfelt (in this context) main distributing frame
lægge sig heropad be adjusted accordingly
Målstyring performance-based management / performance management;
Mobile or Cellular phone mobiltelefon
Opkaldsterminering Call termination
PDF-læser PDF reader
rekurrere to have (legal) recourse
RKf local loop connection
Entered by: Plamen Nenchev
Rutning routing
Entered by: Lise Leavitt
sammenkædning interlinking
Entered by: Barbara Østergaard
slyngrenses are shot blasted
Special Markering Special Flag/Identifier
strækning (in this context) section
Teknikhus equipment shelter / room / cabinet
Entered by: Michael J.H. Davies
teknikhytte equipment room
Entered by: Ditte Duclert
ubeskyttede non-secure
udbyderes mobilnet mobile networks of service providers
Entered by: Mats Wiman
Visitering (in this context) Review

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