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danés a inglés Medicina (general) Translation Glossary

danés term inglés translation
læderet damaged
punktere en klemt negl, puncture a (smashed) nail
Entered by: David Rumsey
"forsøg på at fremme" "attempt at advancing"
(1) Lønsum og (2) Lønsumsafgift payroll/payroll tax
..., som de ikke ved, hvor de skal gå hen med. ..., which they don't know how to deal with.
/u-i/ U and I vowels
1. stråle first ray; 1st ray
2. stråle second ray [of the forefoot]
Entered by: David Rumsey
22T nmol/l 22T nmol/l
A-gas arterial blood gas (ABG)
A-gas arterial blood gas
Entered by: David Rumsey
a-koronare flig Coronary artery cusp
A-punkt. arterial puncture
A-punktur arterial puncture
Entered by: Helen Johnson
a. irritans internal artery
a.d.p. arteria dorsalis pedis
a.i. active ingredient
a.m. consistent with (ad modum)
Entered by: Helen Johnson
a.s.a. See above (anamnese som anført)
Abbreviation mge. With good effect
Abbreviation: u+m k with and without contrast
Entered by: Pernille Kienle
abm. outpatient(s) clinic
Entered by: Helen Johnson
abscedering absces formation
Entered by: Helene Olsen Richards
ad modum Affolter according to Affolter's method
Entered by: Helen Johnson
afblinding unblinding
Entered by: Helen Johnson
aff defecation (afføring)
Entered by: Helene Olsen Richards
afgang af branch of
afstivningspind bracing strut
Entered by: Christine Andersen
AK anticoagulants
Entered by: Plamen Nenchev
aksilregion axillary
aktindsigt i sygehusjournal access to hospital record
AMA VIS Akut Modtage Afdeling // ER
anæmiserende bleedingsforstyrrelser anaemia-inducing bleeding disorder
Entered by: Helen Johnson
antalk. Amount concentration
Entered by: Helen Johnson
antea Prior (previous) tuberculosis
Entered by: Eliza-Anna
arb.stofk.(proc.) arbitrary substance concentration (procedure)
Entered by: Helen Johnson
ass.spl assistant/assisting nurse
AT general condition/general state of health
AT. generel condition
Entered by: Pernille Kienle
øcelleantistoffer islet cell antibodies (ICA)
Entered by: Pernille Kienle
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