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danés a inglés Arte, artes manuales, pintura Translation Glossary

danés term inglés translation
kålbladsverduren cabbage leaf verdure
Entered by: Marta Riosalido
at love guld og grønne skove to promise somebody the moon
en musikalsk fløderandsituation a situation of musical layercake
fangmasker slipped stitches / slipped stitch patterns
Entered by: Christine Andersen
flottage-teknik floating (glazing / painting) technique / float shading technique
formgive, formgivning style, design, modelling
Entered by: Christine Andersen
frøperspektiv worm's-eye view
freskomediet fresco medium (definitive form) - medium of expression or substrate and medium used in fresco painting
Entered by: Christine Andersen
fritlægning drop-out
Juleklip Christmas crafts
knuge (in this context) turns your stomach
kraftudfoldelse burst of creative energy
krøllede periode curly period
Kunsthandler art dealer
læsning (in this context) interpretation
nipper (in this context). dip into
sejolie fat oil (viscous oil) / essens grasse / French thick oil
Entered by: Michele Fauble
slag i sækken guesstimate
slå løs på take it out on
stålgriffel steel slate pencil
Entered by: Paul Larkin
tilstandstryk trial proof / artist proof / working proof / state proof / colour proof

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