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árabe term inglés translation
تتخيتات خزائن ثابتة Fixed Cabinets
Entered by: Mona Helal
يا بوى! 0 O my God! / Wow!
Entered by: Saleh Dardeer
معمر من فلسطين Muammar from Palestine
2afesh upset
5efa ridiculous / silly / funny
balawen bezma I was doing my best while colouring / I have exerted my utmost in colouring
Basa2at falling asleep
bazaer I\'m studying / bazaker
beec okay
berwetta lazy / unemotional
blthom with garlic
bnko7 trab struggling financially
by7w2 works
el body el carina the Carina top
farhada exhausting
fout forget it
fslteni / fslny you got on my nerves / He got on my nerves
guc الجامعة الألمانية بالقاهرة
hafshkho f mokho I will shoot him /his brain
hozo2 clown / moron
Mostafia Absent
mozaz So cool
mta2ela without thick eyebrows / with thin eyebrows / without thickening your eyebrows
shaynay nananynay shine bright like a diamond (shaynay nananynay)
tah2ama I'm fed up
tefsa greedy or gluttonous
tse3 la3\'eny to bum around, let me know
يقزقز لب munching on seeds/nuts
يمسح جوخ سيده He is kissing up to his master
Entered by: Muhammad Said
يتقلوظ blow/toot his own horn
يخنصروا To sneak away with
يرجح الميزان tip the scale
يزوك to walk in a confident / arrogant way
يسترزق make a living
Entered by: Muhammad Said
فورينات foreigners
فال الله ولا فالك God forbid!
Entered by: Muhammad Said
فرهود loot
كلك على بعضك حلو you are totally sweet
وقاحة , شخص وقح cheek/brazenness
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