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árabe term inglés translation
استلام العقار وطلب بدل عن ضائع taking the real estate over and requesting a substitute copy for the lost one
أميري Domanial
Entered by: Lamis Maalouf
أرض بعل سليخ Unirrigated treeless land
Entered by: Mona Helal
Ad-damm wal idkham joining and merging
aghrab annas ilayhouma wa li-nafseehima to the closest people and to themselves
Al-farz partition, division, and allotment
Al-irtifagh wal takhteet easement and drawings
Amanatoul Al sijill Al Aghari real estate registry office
b'il sala an nafsi on behalf of myself
Entered by: hassan zekry
Bara\'at al dhmma (plural) acquitance/discharge
ghabd atthaman allathi wasalana kamilan received the price amount in full
Ijra, moua'mamlat hasr irth procedures of devolution of estate
Entered by: hassan zekry
Kateb Al Adl Notary Public
lada ay marja\' saleh before any competent authority
Entered by: Zareh Darakjian Ph.D.
Milk Sirf ملك صرف
Entered by: Shazly
sanad ad-tamlik possession title / ownership deed
Entered by: Zareh Darakjian Ph.D.
Sijellahouma 82 al-kaneesa personal register 82 Al-Kanisah
يقر البائع الطرف ااول بان الشقة السكنية محل التعاقد خالية من كافة الرهون والديون The First Party (the Seller) hereby acknowledges that such residential apartment mentioned herein
يتسوغ المنزل Take on lease
فيلا عظم skeletal villa construction
وكيل شرعى legal proxy
ووضع اشارة قيد على صحيفة العقار to place an encumbrance of equitable lien upon the cadastral certificate
والتخارج بالكامل complete dissociation/separation
وادي column - عمود
وحدات سكنية و تجارية Residential and commercial units
وصل تأمين غرامة الإنتزاع securing not insurance
قباضة المالية tax office
قسم مفرز/مفروز section in severalty / screened section
Entered by: hassan zekry
لائحة دعوى متقابلة Statement of Counterclaim
لجنة التحديد والتحكيم boundary marking and registration committees
لذا سجل في يوم الثلاثاء الواقع في الخامس عشر من شهر آذار... hence/thus/therefore it was recorded/registered on Tuesday the fifteenth of March
Entered by: Ibrahim I. Ibrahim
نوع الملك: ميري Lands owned by the Treasury in Palestine/belonging to the government
نظر مني للمصادقة reviewed for endorsement
Entered by: Hassan Lotfy
موزع hallway
Entered by: Irina Sears
منابات shares , quotas , parts
منتفعات amenities
منطقة عقارية Real Easte Zone
Entered by: Mona Helal
محدثات additions / home expansion
مركزتجارى مغلق shopping mall/enclosed mall
مساحة مخططة planned/designed area
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