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Poll Discussion Poll: Do you feel some reviewers make changes to translations "just to change something"? Some, and sometimes Some owe their position to a quality control
requirement and feel guilty if they don't seem to
reflect it. Some others want your job. But, hey,
as a member of a big team working for
Parrot May 18, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: When we colonize the moon or Mars, how soon will we need to send translators and interpreters? But who needs aliens? Here on earth I have clients who write like Yoda. Parrot May 4, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: When we colonize the moon or Mars, how soon will we need to send translators and interpreters? I missed this poll ... but I have to say I already awarded the first
prize ever I know in this category to the
Houston-based Mir interpreter (who also happens to
be a Prozian). For the record. :D
Parrot May 2, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you have a linguistic background? Yes? Because by this time I simply have to have one?
(Since 1986 thereabouts...)
Parrot Mar 21, 2018
Money matters Rate discount for translation of 214,000 word manual? Slog If you average 500 words an hour, no volume will
increase that (okay, a CAT tool might, but that's
iffy). You will still have 24 hours a day. You
are burning out life and oxygen. Grante
Parrot Feb 19, 2018
Powwows Powwow: Madrid - Spain Sorry folks I'm on a really tight deadline... but you guys
have fun!
Parrot Feb 15, 2018
Powwows Powwow: Madrid - Spain Wasn't it for tomorrow? I seem to recall Feb. 9... Anyway, my position
persists. If I can, I'll come. We live from day to
day, see.
Parrot Feb 8, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: Good translators and interpreters don't need to worry about marketing their services I also tend to think it's true over the long term That said, reaching "long term" is the real
trial. An individual freelancer only has so
much time to fill (like the rest of the world -
it's an igualitarian parameter). After the initia
Parrot Jan 22, 2018
Translation in Spain / La traducción en España Pregunta sobre el nuevo Modelo 303 Respuesta de Hacienda (por fin) NO estamos exonerados del Modelo 390. En el
impreso del 303, hay que saltar la última
pregunta. Es sólo para aquellos
exonerados. Seguimos obligados a rellenar el
Modelo 390.
Parrot Jan 10, 2018
Translation in Spain / La traducción en España Pregunta sobre el nuevo Modelo 303 No está en el 303 normal [quote]Adelaida López wrote: Hola, el
epígrafe es 774 grupo 2, pero yo lo rellené en
el 390 porque en el 303 no me lo pedía, no me dio
ni error ni aviso al presentarla. En el 390 me
Parrot Jan 10, 2018
Translation in Spain / La traducción en España Pregunta sobre el nuevo Modelo 303 En la cumplimentación telemática del Modelo 303
para el último trimestre del 2017, ¿dónde
localizo (y cómo activo) la clave y el epígrafe
de "Traductores e intérpretes"? (está en
Parrot Jan 9, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: How often do you usually buy new dictionaries or reference material? Not on a regular basis For all my combinations I have at least one
monolingual dictionary, two or more bilingual
dictionaries and specialized dictionaries in law,
environment, and some technical fields, plus
Parrot Dec 19, 2017
Money matters issuing invoices if someone is not self-employed Country-specific 2 Your tax office would have the answers to any
questions on invoicing. Some relevant issues might
relate to part-time freelancing under Polish law,
invoicing technicalities (Polish invoices
Parrot Sep 8, 2017
Money matters How much should I ask for a Translation as a Student? What about educating them? In the first place, you should know we all work
into native languages. Some of us are bilinguals,
but native competence is the most important
factor. You could do your best, and then te
Parrot Sep 2, 2017
Money matters How to close a book translation deal? Is the book worth it? Another option is to consider taking on a chapter
(or two/three) on your normal freelance terms by
way of helping the author find a publisher. In the
end, he or his agent will be responsib
Parrot Sep 2, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: You get a dream job offer but must travel to a far-away country for the duration of the project. Other Granted it's my dream country, let's see the offer
Parrot Jun 29, 2017
Translation Theory and Practice Is "a combination of numerous" a tautology? We're dithering [quote]Texte Style wrote: ... far less than we
have at any rate. [/quote] Maybe this is the
point? We've certainly not "translated" their
(lack of) effort :D When I saw "a combina
Parrot Jan 4, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Can volunteer work lead to a job? yes, why not? The way the question is phrased makes it general,
but I take the keyword as "can". It's historically
been that way for ages: need = service. I don't
presume it's always under the condition
Parrot Nov 22, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: What writing skill would you like to develop to offer new services? Same here [quote]neilmac wrote: N/A. I already have
enough on my plate with the services I provide.
[/quote] In fact, I'd like to write for me (and
anyone who cared to read it).
Parrot Oct 4, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: How often do you replace your paper (book-form) dictionaries? Never Kidding? I just keep accumulating. Every little
bit helps. In fact, I'm still looking for a couple
that are out of print.
Parrot Sep 5, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Is there a language you would like to speak fluently but don't yet? (please share) Yes I thought there always was. :D Parrot Aug 27, 2016
Money matters I need a lawyer in Madrid Sure? Wouldn't your case fall under cross-border
collection? (Brexit will take time to kick
Parrot Jul 25, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Throughout your career, which has been your recipe to increase your income? One of the two parameters assumed is finite Even a paid-per-hour consultant knows he can only
bill 24 in a day. "More work" thus begs the
question, up to just how much more? (Will we be
asked next to pay to be occupied?) On th
Parrot Jul 24, 2016
Money matters Forfait de traduction pour un volume important Have a good laugh, anyway My contribution, for what it's
Parrot Jul 15, 2016
Money matters Agency requesting certificate of residence, otherwise deducting taxes from invoice Personal income tax [quote]Christian Schaller wrote: Lincoln Hui
wrote: [quote]They're not imposing taxes on
goods/services from another country, they're
imposing tax on goods/services on their own
Parrot Jul 14, 2016
Getting established Breaking into sports translation - using regular translation samples Fair use Fair use may be defined differently depending on
jurisdictions. If I'm not mistaken, the samples
section in the profile would not allow you to
upload more by US standards. (But in any case
Parrot Jul 12, 2016
Getting established Breaking into sports translation - using regular translation samples Copyright issues If using, I suggest keeping in line with
fair use rules as applicable. Or: get
permission from a copyright holder and link a blog
to your profile? I can see a lot of
Parrot Jul 11, 2016
Being independent Business is slowing down much in June/July: why? Same here [quote]Sheila Wilson wrote: I often find the
summer is my busiest time simply because I don't
take holidays then so, as someone has mentioned, I
get a lot of peer referrals and emails f
Parrot Jul 8, 2016
Translation Theory and Practice Citation: is it the translator's responsibility to convert and entire bibliography? Postscript Quite apart from what CMS says on the matter, it
is not a translator's job to mislead readership
into believing a translation exists where it does
not. Particularly not a scholarly read
Parrot Jul 7, 2016
Getting established Getting started - Qualifications and specialising Beg to differ [quote]Adam-MSCR wrote: Does anyone know if it
is possible to specialise in either sports
translations (specifically gym equipment and
personal training) and history translations? I
Parrot Jul 7, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you submit quotes for a job if an outsourcer does not have any Blue Board entries? No I have a risk management protocol (if -> then) and
it doesn't allow for this.
Parrot Jul 7, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: In your opinion, which of these is the most valuable for a translator to have? Other Whatever happened to "vocation"? I'm talking
staying power...
Parrot Jul 5, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you consider yourself more cultured than the average professional? No I think the average professional in this field has
to be pretty "cultured" - it's a survival trait.
So why would one be considered "more" x than any
other? And when you get down to
Parrot Jul 2, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you think it is wise for translators to accept machine translation post-editing projects? No And I don't accept them. Not from having done so
before, but I used to work in-house where they'd
substitute me every summer with an "assistant"
program. The mess wasn't easy to clean up.
Parrot Jul 1, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you offer a discount on term matching? No I'm reading this to apply to terms, not TM
segments. The problem with counting isolated
matching terms is the same as the one on
untranslated proper names (yes, I ran into an
Parrot Jun 28, 2016
Translation in Spain / La traducción en España L'alquiler se descarga o no se descarga de la renta? @Angie He estado de alta mucho más tiempo que tú y que
yo sepa, está relacionado con los metros
cuadrados que tienes declarados como dedicados a
la actividad cuando te diste de alta mediante e
Parrot Jun 24, 2016 Translator Coop Announcing Mobile - The translation workplace. Anytime, anywhere. Hope to join in on ios My non-PC devices are all Apple... Parrot Jun 16, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you pay taxes in your country of residence? This has got to be a trick question You mean I have a choice? :P Parrot Jun 15, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you start your day by organizing your daily translation work through a translation platform? What's a platform? I mean, of that sort? Or is this some kind of
trick question? (As in "what're we going to buy
next?" :D) The closest I come to an organizer
is an Excel sheet listing what projects I'
Parrot Jun 11, 2016
Money matters We pay 1 EUR each 100 words (words counted in French). History [quote]philgoddard wrote: I got £35 per
thousand from my first customer (admittedly a
direct customer who paid well) in 1979.
[/quote] From around that time there was a
Parrot Jun 10, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you normally round the total value of your invoice? But... [quote]LegalTransform wrote: I always get rid
of the .xx because it makes accounting easier.
[/quote] Doesn't the state add its .xx? (And
face it, my accounting problems come from
Parrot Jun 1, 2016
Money matters Rush translation work disguised as discount-worthy volume work Is it a valid trend? Or just a message written into a
boilerplate? Maybe it should be pointed out.
Parrot May 27, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: How did you mainly learn your source language(s)? Other Bad poll. Namely, I experienced/did four of the
Parrot May 27, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: How many of your clients do not require the use of CAT tools? I put half practically based on output volume In fact, only two require them. However, those two
account for half my yearly turnover, which also
restricts my availability. The fact that they pay
all their translators a standardized ra
Parrot May 26, 2016
Business issues EUR 0.015 per word... Is it a new low for translation fee? Get real a) not worth even the invoicing time. b) are they
trying for people who can't buy computers and
connectivity? c) are they trying for people who
won't buy computers and connectivity becau
Parrot May 12, 2016
Money matters Please help to explain a reputable client (IFI) a translator's daily working load @Olena I'm a bit late, but this was done long ago, before
translation memories were invented and when Wang
was the more common word processor. Dry-paper
copiers were still a luxury and mimeograph
Parrot May 10, 2016
Spanish Declaración Renta siendo asalariado y autónomo El Modelo 100 ... tiene apartados separados por rendimientos de
trabajo (salarios) y por actividad económica.
Sí, es un único formulario, pero se imprime
electrónicamente según las casillas activas
Parrot Apr 29, 2016
Translation Theory and Practice What's better, one big glossary/term bank or several smaller ones? I use smaller ones ... if anything, for confidentiality. It's too
easy to graft one client's terminology into
another's. And when you specialize, they tend to
be competitors of some sort.
Parrot Apr 28, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Are you in a situation in which a single client accounts for a significant part of your income? Yes, inadvertently It's not usual in my case, but one client hiked
their volume last year. I would've said No, but
it's April and I'm still reeling from the taxes :D
Parrot Apr 27, 2016
Money matters "Certificate of Fiscal Residence" for Spanish bureau It's not citizenship, it's where you pay taxes That's determined by the number of days a year you
spend there (minimum 183 as far as Spain is
concerned, after which you have to register).
Other than that, appearing on the VIES database
Parrot Apr 21, 2016

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