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Poll Discussion Poll: If money were no object, would you still translate for fun? Yes, but.... Mainly, my business is interpreting and I love it.
Written translation is also very nice, and I will
continue doing both until I no longer can
physically do so. Regards to all, Nigel.
Nigel Greenwood May 7, 2018
SDL Trados support Translating Excel Workbooks in Studio 2011 I use Trados Studio 2011. I have an urgent need to
translate Excel Workbooks using Trados. Is this
possible in the 2011 version? I cannot add the
files. Regards, Nigel.

Nigel Greenwood Apr 20, 2018 training Plus subscriber small group profile review Me neither [quote]jemimac wrote: Hello, I would like to
register for this course (Plus subscriber small
group profile review) on 31st October but I can't
see where to register. The information jus
Nigel Greenwood Oct 3, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you offer additional services (beyond translation) to your clients? Anything to do with the use of English My main services are Interpreting (in all ways),
translating (even handwritten medical reports),
proofreading, editing, localization, technical
writing... anything where English is require
Nigel Greenwood Jun 8, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do media reports of inaccurate translations help or hurt translators? I am of the same opinion as JOhn... [quote]John Cutler wrote: Obviously we care
about these things, because it's our passion and
livelihood. However, I don't think most people
care one bit about translation related issues
Nigel Greenwood Nov 11, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Who is the boss? The one who knows best... We translators are experts in our own field and
usually we have deeply studied a sector and
location and therefore we are not only experts in
our languages, but also experts in the subject
Nigel Greenwood Nov 9, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: When investing in products and services for your work, which is the most important factor? Mario's right, I fully agree with him... [quote]Mario Chavez wrote: To call an ordinary
purchase or an expense an investment is ignorant
at best and deceitful at worst. There is no need
to use an underpaid salesman's tactic he
Nigel Greenwood Oct 31, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: In your opinion, translation bloggers... Same here... [quote]Michael Harris wrote: No idea, do not
have any time to look into that sort of stuff, too
busy and when I am not busy, I spend time with my
family. [/quote] I share Michael's v
Nigel Greenwood Sep 8, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: What was your first translation project about? Technical - Electronic payment systems It was about the installation and programming of
electronic payment systems. It was very large and
complicated -my engineering background and diploma
is metallurgy- and yes I did get paid
Nigel Greenwood Feb 11, 2016
SDL Trados support TRADOS STUDIO ERROR: Trying to save target text Good evening, I am trying to save my target
text, and I get the following Error
message: Error saving the target text: The
opening label 'w.root' in line 1 does not coincide
Nigel Greenwood Jan 25, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: What do you do if you find an already existing translation of the text you are working on? Other This has happened to me on several occasions, I
always spend time searching the web for texts that
can help me during my translation, if I find the
complete text -or a main part of it- alr
Nigel Greenwood Jan 15, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Where do you usually sit while you are working? I wouldn't classify my office chair as regular or ergonomic... but that is where I spend all of my working time,
and that's a long day. Sometimes, I use a
'regular' dining chair and work on my laptop
downstairs in the dining room. Then, at least I am<
Nigel Greenwood Sep 22, 2015
SDL Trados support TRADOS does not recognize my XLIFF file Many thanks Hi Elif, Many thanks for your assistance, I
was really worried. Everything went fine and I
made the deadline. Thank you Nigel.
Nigel Greenwood Sep 1, 2015
SDL Trados support TRADOS does not recognize my XLIFF file I have been translating a large job on my TRADOS
and I have just closed it for the day, when I try
to re-open it, I receive the message "This file
type is not admitted". How can I re-open
Nigel Greenwood Aug 31, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you accept long-term offers that keep you too busy to work for your regular clients? Yes, I do... One of my 'sporadic' clients always offers me
long-term projects (basically interpreting
assignments), but these allow me the time needed
to continue with my regular clients. That way
Nigel Greenwood Jul 29, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Which do you think is more difficult/demanding: translating or interpreting? I fully agree... [quote]neilmac wrote: Interpreting is by far
the most difficult and/or demanding. When
interpreting you really are on the spot. In fact,
apart from the fact that they both involve
Nigel Greenwood Jul 22, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Which operating system is installed on your main computer? W8 on both computers (laptop and desktop) And I have already reserved W10 for them as well. Nigel Greenwood Jul 16, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you attended any courses related to your area of expertise? Yes, sort of... My main speciality is aviation, and consecutively
translating all aviation related courses:
Avionics, Mechanics, Ground Crew, Flight Crew,
Pilots... This means, that before the interpretin
Nigel Greenwood Jul 1, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you use a smartphone for work-related tasks? Only for important stuff... [quote]Julian Holmes wrote: But I do access
e-mails for important projects cc-ed to my private
e-mail account on my smart phone. And, important
customers may also contact me on my smart
Nigel Greenwood Feb 27, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: How important is it for you to plan for retirement? When my production rate drops... [quote]neilmac wrote: Too late was the cry. I
don't really intend to retire if I can help it.
[/quote] Like Neil, I don'e expect to retire,
but my production will, logically, drop an
Nigel Greenwood Feb 11, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: When are you usually most productive? The same goes for me [quote]Julian Holmes wrote: After I'd had a
good cup of hot tea! The moral of the story -
"Drink lots of tea and you'll get lots of work
done." :smile: [/quote] I find that after
Nigel Greenwood Feb 3, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you outsource work to fellow translators? Only when really necessary [quote]neilmac wrote: I may sometimes pass work
on, but usually only when I can't handle it all
myself, or if I don't fancy the job for some
reason. Or if a colleagues has asked me to d
Nigel Greenwood Jan 19, 2015
SDL Trados support How can I zoom the 'Editor' window? Thank you both for your good suggestions I have used Andrey's suggestion. Now I can work
much better. Thanks a lot. Nigel.
Nigel Greenwood Jan 3, 2015
SDL Trados support How can I zoom the 'Editor' window? Good afternoon to all, I am using Trados Studio
2011. I have a large text with very small font
size, and although it opens very well in Trados, I
would like to zoom the editor window so
Nigel Greenwood Jan 3, 2015
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you use a tablet for your translation work? No way... I have a desktop, a laptop and a tablet. I
translate on the desktop with its 22" screen.
While travelling, I use my 16" screen laptop, and
I use my tablet (iPad) while I am interpreting.
Nigel Greenwood Nov 25, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: How long do you keep your clients' translations after delivery? Indefinitely Like other colleagues, I keep all the work I have
done since starting as a freelance translator,
(May 2008). [quote]Muriel Vasconcellos
wrote: Unless the client asks me to delete
Nigel Greenwood Nov 21, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: My most trusted business relationship is with... I chose other, because my most trusted Business relationship is... my lawyer. Not only does he legally defend my
interests (chasing non-payers, etc.), he also
provides a lot of work (mainly interpreting).
Moreover, we have just became associates in a new<
Nigel Greenwood Nov 15, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: What do you think is the most influential item in your profile for potential clients? I vote for a combination of all Just as our colleague Thayenga says, I also think
it must be a combination of all the contents of my
profile. [quote]Thayenga wrote: One would
assume that it's a combination of ever
Nigel Greenwood Nov 14, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: How many clients are you currently working with? 8 I have 8 regular clients, meaning I get work from
them regularly every month. Then I have 5-6
sporadic clients, meaning they send me work now
and again. Have a great day, Nigel.
Nigel Greenwood Sep 22, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: How do you describe yourself to clients? Interpreter? I used to present myself as a translator, but for
about a year now, I present myself as an
Interpreter. Over the past 8 years, the majority
of my income has come from my work as an
Nigel Greenwood Jul 26, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you buy the books you've translated? Free sample always [quote]Gudrun Wolfrath wrote: Usually you get
at least one sample (if not 5) for free. Gudrun
[/quote] I regularly translate an Art magazine,
and occasionally some books. I always
Nigel Greenwood Jul 24, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you ever work while travelling? Of course... I travel a lot, and most usually for work. Right
now I am displaced to another city in Spain, and
have been since 10th June. After my interpreting
finishes for the day (mid afternoon) I ge
Nigel Greenwood Jul 10, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: How did you get into translating? I drifted in from another field... I had been working for different companies as an
Outsourcing Engineer (finding suppliers in other
countries of sub-products). I was made
redundant from my last company when I was 54, -n
Nigel Greenwood May 26, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: What is the best investment you have ever made for your business? I replied Membership because... Since I moved to Spain -way back in 1974- and
started working in different companies as a
Marketing specialist cum translator, I have always
had my own office space at home, well fitted wi
Nigel Greenwood Jan 29, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: When I first started as a translator I felt _____ by other translators. I replied "Other" because when I first started translating, I was an
employee of a local Removal Company in Spain, and
we were doing the removals for Foreign employees
of a large Car manufacturing company near
Nigel Greenwood Jan 14, 2014
Poll Discussion Poll: Is translation currently your only profession? I said yes, but... Thinking again, my profession as translator is
diversified; I am an Interpreter and a Translator.
I firmly think that Interpreting is a different
profession to that of Translating. Doe
Nigel Greenwood Dec 4, 2013
Poll Discussion Poll: Career-wise, have you had your lucky break yet? I agree with Jenny [quote]Jenny Forbes wrote: A neat answer I
learned from a colleague in New York years
ago: Sure, I'm lucky ... and the harder I work,
the luckier I get". That's my
Nigel Greenwood Nov 18, 2013
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you get business from your listing in the business phone book? No I am not listed, thank-you After my many years as a consultant for SMEs I
learnt that listings in Business Directories are
expensive and practically useless. Since I joined
ProZ, I have had sufficient work from the
Nigel Greenwood Jul 5, 2013
SDL Trados support Cannot save Target document in Trados Studio 2011 Thank you for your assistance Hi Paul, I did what you suggested, and sent
the resulting files to my client. I'll see what
they say. What they really wanted was a file
directly from TRADOS in PDF format, is that
Nigel Greenwood May 31, 2013
SDL Trados support Cannot save Target document in Trados Studio 2011 It still refuses to save the finished text Hi Andrzej, It still refuses to save the
target document in any format. Regards,

[Edited at 2013-05-31 05:54 GMT]
Nigel Greenwood May 31, 2013
SDL Trados support Cannot save Target document in Trados Studio 2011 Hi, I'm having tremendous problems. I have
finished a PDF translation using Trados Studio
2011, now I want to save the target file. It
refuses, and gives an error message saying:
Nigel Greenwood May 30, 2013
Poll Discussion Poll: How do you deal with a client changing requirements after the start of a project? I fully agree with Allison [quote]Allison Wright wrote: It really does
depend on whether the changes are material, and
what the new requirements are. Whatever the
changes or requirements are, however, one does
Nigel Greenwood Apr 9, 2013
Poll Discussion Poll: Which Instant Messaging Tool do you use most? What about... Whatsapp?

[Edited at 2013-01-10 08:14 GMT]
Nigel Greenwood Jan 10, 2013
Translation news Simultaneous translation by computer is getting closer I'd love to see that... however, I coincide with some of my colleagues
(the majority) in that computer technology cannot
recognise all the small -but important- deviations
in spoken language that are used by ever
Nigel Greenwood Jan 10, 2013
Poll Discussion Poll: At what age do you plan on retiring? Officially .... at 65. However, I will continue to work until it
becomes physicaly impossible. And that can be a
long time. :) Have a great day out there.
Nigel Greenwood Dec 13, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: What kind of texts do you regularly translate? I voted other, because... I specialise in Technical, Engineering,
Electronics and Electrical subjects, in addition,
I also handle aeronautics, aviation, aerospace,
etc. Have a great day/night :) Nigel
Nigel Greenwood Nov 27, 2012
Powwows Powwow: Valencia - Spain I'd love to join you all, but... I am currently on a long term interpreter
assignment in France. If this continues I may not
return to Sunny Spain until 2016, :(. I wish you
all a great time and enjoy yourselves. Nigel.
Nigel Greenwood Sep 28, 2012
SDL Trados support SDL Trados 7.0 TagEditor Good evening, I am having problems with my
TagEditor Trados 7.0 when it converts to the
target document in Word. I am using Word 2010, and
I continuously get the message "Error while
Nigel Greenwood Sep 26, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: My business contact list consists primarily of... Mainly clients I would have thought that all of us mainly have
clients (whatever type they are) in our list of
mail contacts. I wish you all a great
day, Nigel
Nigel Greenwood Aug 12, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: When did you buy your first translation software? The same month I started as fulltime translator I have translated from many years as part of my
other work. But when I was made redundant, -the
company went bankrupt-, I decided to become a
fulltime translator and immediately saw the go
Nigel Greenwood Apr 28, 2012

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