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Interpreting Do you ever mixup your langauges? You are certainly not the only one Hello David! Here is a very embarrassing story
which, I hope, will make you feel better: In
the beginning of my interpreting work, I did
mostly Spanish interpreting and hardly any
Alexandra Goldburt Jul 11, 2012
Interpreting What are the rates for consecutive interpreting? If I were you... ... first of all, I would negotiate splitting
10-12 hours work day between two interpreters.
There are some amazing human beings on this planet
who can work 12 hours with only short break
Alexandra Goldburt Jul 28, 2011
Interpreting Simultaneous interpretation into your non-native language might be helpful For self-study materials in English-Spanish pair: Southern California school of
interpretation has on-line courses: For passing the
Alexandra Goldburt Jun 27, 2011
Interpreting California Court interpreter certification exam An update Finally, on March 31st, I received a letter that
said "We are pleased to inform you that you have
passed the California Judicial
Council/Administrative Office of the Courts
Certified O
Alexandra Goldburt Apr 9, 2011
Interpreting On-line Medical Intrpreting Training: recommendations sought In defense of on-line courses @Sara: what a coincidence - my friend has already
finished a Culture Advantage course! @atarget
and mjbjosh: I appreciate your remarks; however,
I think you guys are too negative. Of
Alexandra Goldburt Jan 13, 2011
Teaching and Learning Languages Learning Swedish Try something cheaper Even though I never learned Swedish, nor did I use
Rosetta stone, I think I have enough language
learning experience to give an advice. Language
learning need not cost a fortune. "Teac
Alexandra Goldburt Nov 26, 2010
Scams Something about this e-mail seems suspicious to me... ...or is it just me? What do you think? Below
is a copy of an e-mail I received today, with the
name of the company and its e-mail
removed. "Hello, I will like to use this
Alexandra Goldburt Nov 26, 2010
Marketing for translators ATA Membership as a marketing for translators My membership has paid for itself I've got a few assignment through ATA - enough to
return what I've paid for it plus some extra.
However, do not expect a downfall of income
once you join ATA. Consider a combination
Alexandra Goldburt Oct 30, 2010
Interpreting Need advice from experienced interpreters from my experience [quote] 1) What details do I ask of the contact
person in order to prepare myself for this job
from a language and terminology perspective? eg
interpreting for custom or hospital.
Alexandra Goldburt Oct 22, 2010
Interpreting On-line Medical Intrpreting Training: recommendations sought Dear Colleagues, I'm trying to help a friend,
who wants to start a career as a medical
interpreter (in Arabic-English language
combination). I thought that getting a
certificate fr
Alexandra Goldburt Oct 2, 2010
Interpreting Rates for telephone interpreting You are not the only one, Guiseppina. I find these rates ridiculous, too. More than
ridiculous - insulting, in my opinion. Yet, I
know real people who slave away for these rates.
And, as Lee Roth correctly pointed out, fo
Alexandra Goldburt Oct 2, 2010
Interpreting Practical Interpreting Situations in Medical Encounters Perhaps this will help Check out this course:
9 At the very end of the description, it says:
"3. Given a medical encounter scenario, choose the
most ap
Alexandra Goldburt Oct 2, 2010
Interpreting How to become an interpreter (In new york) A question of attitude [quote]TopGuy wrote: [quote]Henry Hinds
wrote: I cannot judge your Hebrew, but your
English is far from perfect. I suggest you work on
it before attempting anything else. [/quote] A
Alexandra Goldburt Sep 28, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: What software/tools do you use for bookkeeping? Messy desk [quote]neilmac wrote: I recently read an article
that claimed that the messier your desk or
workspace, the more intelligent you are, so any
other slobs out there can take heart as I
Alexandra Goldburt Sep 28, 2010
Russian Давно так не смеялся Мне такое тоже пришло. Кто-то ищет дураков.
Интересно, найдет ли?
Alexandra Goldburt Sep 6, 2010
Interpreting ¿Is age an obstacle for getting interpreting jobs? East vs. West [quote]Soonthon LUPKITARO(Ph.D.) wrote: I US
scholar on humanity science wrote that a young
person is happy living in USA but an old person is
happy living in Asian countries. Yes, the
Alexandra Goldburt Aug 29, 2010
Interpreting ¿Is age an obstacle for getting interpreting jobs? Age discrimination is the very reason to be an interpreter In other professions, age discrimination is a sad
fact of life. In my opinion, it's shameful and
disgraceful for a potential employer/client to
reject an applicant over 50, simply for bei
Alexandra Goldburt Aug 28, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: What puts you off the most in a job offer? All of the above, plus... 1. Very bad English. 2. Unprofessional tone
of the e-mail (here a real example from the recent
e-mail I received: "hello! I hope you are having
a great friday :)" [sic] - that, from
Alexandra Goldburt Aug 14, 2010
Getting established 22 years old - too late to learn a new language? My personal experience What a great thread! Let me tell you my story,
for encouragement. I came to the US at the age of
25, speaking just a few words of English. I threw
all my energy into learning English,
Alexandra Goldburt Aug 12, 2010
Russian Помогите вспомнить название фильма Благодарю, Dr_Serge! "Настю" обязательно найду и
посмотрю. Насчет "Ребра
Адама" не уверена - подобные
фильмы наводят на меня
Alexandra Goldburt Aug 11, 2010
Getting established Self-educated: Do I actually qualify to be a translator? Self-education is great, but... I'm a big believer in self-education. In fact,
fanatical about it. There is a book called "I
Learn Better by Teaching Myself", by Agnes
Leistico. The name of this book summarizes my
Alexandra Goldburt Aug 11, 2010
Russian Помогите вспомнить название фильма Спасибо, Людмила и Александр! Александр: фильм я
смотрела более 25 лет назад,
а потому, конечно, есть
неточности в моих
Alexandra Goldburt Aug 8, 2010
Russian Помогите вспомнить название фильма Старый фильм, где-то начало
80-ых, м.б., конец 70-ых годов.
Никогда не был особо
популярным, но мне
Alexandra Goldburt Aug 8, 2010
Linguistics "Reason" vs. "cause" from the linguistic point of view Thank you for all your answers! Your analyzes is truly enlightening. I think I
know all about reason and cause now! A note for
Adam: both "reason" and "cause" are translated
into Russian as "причина" ("prichi
Alexandra Goldburt Aug 3, 2010
Linguistics "Reason" vs. "cause" from the linguistic point of view When do you use the word "reason", and when the
word "cause"? Are these two words
interchangeable? Or are there strict rules when
to use one and when another? For example,
Alexandra Goldburt Aug 3, 2010
Interpreting High cost of interpreters hits local courts Well, let him give it a try... [quote]Nicole Schnell wrote: ..."I need to get a
Rosetta Stone [language lesson CD]," said
Councilman D.C. Aiken. "That's not a bad gig."
With this attitude - a language lesson CD wil
Alexandra Goldburt Aug 3, 2010
Business issues Rules of etiquette when asking for a quote - are there any? Diversity of opinion What a wonderful diversity of opinion we have
here: from "no doubt a scam, or a virus - delete
sight unseen", to "potentially a good
client". I really liked Samuel's suggestion:
Alexandra Goldburt Jun 20, 2010
Business issues Rules of etiquette when asking for a quote - are there any? I checked my e-mails last night, and there one
e-mail from a person completely unknown to me.
The subject line read "Quote". The e-mail had
three attachments - and nothing else. No "h
Alexandra Goldburt Jun 12, 2010
Interpreting Questions about "Bridging the Gap" medical interpreting training course We are in agreement here, Lee. Ah, common sense... whatever happened to it?
Fewer and fewer people have it... I'm glad it
worked out for the Romanian lady you know. And
thank you for being the only one who answered
Alexandra Goldburt May 30, 2010
Interpreting Questions about "Bridging the Gap" medical interpreting training course Lee, I cannot agree with you more [quote] Unfortunately we live in a society where
written diplomas or obscure certifications are
more valued than the real knowledge. Lee
[/quote] So true, Lee! The prevailing attit
Alexandra Goldburt May 29, 2010
Interpreting Questions about "Bridging the Gap" medical interpreting training course I would like to hear from those who've taken
"Bridging the Gap" medical interpreting training
course. Do you think the course was worth your
money? If you were new to medical interpretin
Alexandra Goldburt May 26, 2010
Interpreting Has anyone tried Bromberg Interpreter Education Online? Any update? Has anyone taken this course? I'm curious to know whether in 8 months that have
passed since the question was originally asked,
anyone has taken this course, and if yes, what was
his/her impression. I see they adver
Alexandra Goldburt May 24, 2010
Scams Nigerian Scam... in Portuguese? Screams "SCAM!!!" to me I think your question is a rhetorical one - it's
too obvious that it is one of those infamous
Nigerian scams. As they run out of people who
even bother to read this letters, they try
Alexandra Goldburt May 14, 2010
Interpreting Tips about court interpretation links that might interest you Hello, Prakaash, The following links might be
of interest to you. Here you'll find the code of
professional ethics for court interpreters in
Alexandra Goldburt Apr 13, 2010
Interpreting 3rd person singular versus 1st person singular A bit late, but here is my permission [quote]macripiper wrote: Hey colleagues! I am a
sign language interpreter, from Brazil, and my
doctoral thesis is about this topic: 3rd person
singular versus 1st person singular, so..
Alexandra Goldburt Apr 13, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: As a freelancer, do you employ a proofreader? My mom proofreads for me for free And when she finds my typos and points them out to
me, it makes her day!
Alexandra Goldburt Mar 23, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: How often do you outsource work to other translators? I've done it only once in 10 years I wish "extremely rarely" would be an option.
Like once in 10 years, which is my case.
Alexandra Goldburt Mar 23, 2010
Interpreting English to Bulgarian Interpreting DPSI or Met test? take both I'm in the USA, and work in a different language
pair. However, I recently received an advice
which I think can be used by interpreters
anywhere: take as many tests as you can.
Alexandra Goldburt Mar 19, 2010
Interpreting How can one improve as an interpreter? Record yourself as you practice [quote]Sara Senft wrote: Yes, practice is part
of it. Reflection and self-evaluation is part of
the process, too. Doing this allows you to know
what you are doing right, what you are
Alexandra Goldburt Mar 7, 2010
Marketing for translators Anyone have a good mass marketing service? Ditto. [quote]Fiona Peterson wrote: Hi
Rebecca, could you clarify what you mean by
"mass marketing"? In my experience, the best
way is to approach agencies individually, and this
Alexandra Goldburt Feb 19, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: If you work at home, do you also do most of the housework? comments Yes, and I resent it! I wish I could move to a
place where maids are cheap, as they are
prohibitively expensive in Los Angeles... The
way I deal with house work is to do an absolute
Alexandra Goldburt Feb 5, 2010
Business issues Drug tests and background checks? My experience First, I'm an interpreter, not a translator - so I
do come in contact with patients (and others).
However, when I received a similar request (from
two different companies), I, too, felt t
Alexandra Goldburt Feb 5, 2010
Off topic Is it just me? (I hate online direct translation tools) Frankly, I don't think they deserve your help. [quote]tluna wrote: I often have to "impose" my
help on people that think that their resume can be
transposed in a totally different language by
simply using online tools (such as google<
Alexandra Goldburt Jan 22, 2010
Money matters Record low rate: 0.00 per word If this is true... [quote]tectranslate wrote: [i]native
speaker[/i] (noun) Definition: A person who has
spent at least one vacation of at least one month
in a country where a certain language is spoken
Alexandra Goldburt Jan 4, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Being a good translator does not necessarily mean being a good interpreter and vice versa. Not necessarily, but... I am one of the few who clicked on "other",
because I think it's not a black and white issue.
No, being good interpreter doesn't
[b]automatically[/b] make you a good translator
Alexandra Goldburt Jan 4, 2010
Business issues accept or reject a translation, that is the question The answer is yes. [quote]Lucas GF wrote: Well, I cannot delegate
part of my work to another translator, it is the
agency in charge of it. It is about 6p.m. in Spain
and there is no answer from my PM. Sho
Alexandra Goldburt Dec 27, 2009
Money matters Legal Action against Non Paying Client I'm happy it got resolved for you. [quote]jelly_gill wrote: Probably he too might
have read this forum post. Ha Ha Ha. [/quote]
- I bet he did!
Alexandra Goldburt Dec 23, 2009
Money matters Legal Action against Non Paying Client There is still hope to resolve this without legal action. Even though, I must say, not to respond to your
e-mails is simply rude. (Unless, of course, an
overzealous spam-fighter has swallowed your
e-mails - but then, how come it did not swallow<
Alexandra Goldburt Dec 23, 2009
Translator resources What book would you treat yourself to for 100 dollars? Thanks, Neil! [quote]Neil Coffey wrote: [quote]Alexandra
Goldburt wrote: 2. Diccionario de Uso del
Espanol, 3rd Revised Edition, 2 Volumes (Spanish
Edition) by Maria Moliner (Editor) $395.00
Alexandra Goldburt Dec 23, 2009
Money matters Should I swallow a large loss to keep a good client? I can certainly understand, Sharon. [quote]Sharon Sideris wrote: Thanks for
everyone's advice. What I have done in the end is
accept the huge discount, but also I have not
worked for them in the past week and have worked<
Alexandra Goldburt Dec 22, 2009

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