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ForoTemaTítuloTextoAutorHora training Modern Trends in Fishery Translation Modern Trends in Fishery Translation Dear Helen: I only just received notification re
the Webinar/presentation today, 18 September 2018.
Your reply says "The offer expires tomorrow, July
19th, at 3pm GMT." July? We are in
Taña Dalglish Sep 18, 2018
Translation Theory and Practice Birth certificate question: client requests name change in translation Absolutely, Theresa. Dear Kathleen: As others have said, if the
client insists, decline the job, or advise him if
that before he himself changes his name to Ricardo
and insists that you do what he is asking
Taña Dalglish May 14, 2018
Scams Racism and Human Trafficking (Michael Horn / John Burroughs)- False demand Pity! It is also a pity that the scammers are using
actual addresses, e.g. in this case (I am not sure
whether mention may have been made in some other
thread - and if it has, apologies for thi
Taña Dalglish Jul 6, 2016
Scams James Neel An invaluable resource ... The "Translator Scammers Directory" is an
invaluable resource in the fight against these
crooks (
On this page:
Taña Dalglish Jul 6, 2016
Translator resources How to find a quote from a book? English version for what it is worth!
bp This is the English (full version). Like Phil
(a previous post), I am not sure if you need the
English or just the German, but in an
Taña Dalglish Mar 12, 2016
Spanish Sad news for the Spanish ProZ community R.I.P. Henry Very sad news indeed. My heartfelt condolences go
out to his family, relatives and many friends.
His participation on ProZ will be sadly missed. A
prolific contributor, and one of the f
Taña Dalglish Dec 27, 2015
Business issues Offer of the week Outrage - Adding insult to injury! - English to Spanish
Large Volume - "low-ballers" Please quote your
best rates, etc. (yay, yay, what's new?). This
project is likely to last for one month an
Taña Dalglish Feb 1, 2012
Interpreting What do I need to do to become a (UN) interpreter ? Working with the UN can be rewarding I agree with Jonathan that Misha's assessment is
extremely short-sighted. How do you know this?
Hmm! The Misha wrote: The UN is a miserable
can of worms that no one in the right min
Taña Dalglish Nov 17, 2011
In memoriam Farewell to our colleague Patricia Rosas Stunned! Dear Ace: Thank you for passing on the
devastating news. "Patty" as many of us knew her
was a very talented, warm and thoughtful
colleague, with whom I shared many personal
Taña Dalglish Jan 3, 2011 Translator Coop Translators Without Borders seeks French <> English translators / int (Update: Need met for now) Thanks Henry Thank you for your positive response. I was
merely looking at it in terms of co-ordination
(not an easy task by any means). All the
initiatives have merit as Haiti's situation is
Taña Dalglish Jan 19, 2010 Translator Coop Translators Without Borders seeks French <> English translators / int (Update: Need met for now) Am I missing something here? There is another forum which is similar in intent:
l Can these initiatives be combi
Taña Dalglish Jan 19, 2010
Off topic Haitian Crisis: Translators and Interpreters group Happy to help! Dear Nicholas: Very good cause as they are in
need of whatever help! However, no Facebook for
me either! Can be contacted through my Proz'
User page. ES>EN, EN>ES. It is worth
Taña Dalglish Jan 16, 2010
Getting established Optimizing your bids Ditto! Agree with Claudia. Perhaps that is why I have
never submitted a bid (at least, I don't believe
that I have ... hmm!) and I concur with Robert's
postings too. JM: While understanding
Taña Dalglish Jan 13, 2010
Translation Project / Vendor Management 75,000 words in 15 working days? A stretch ..? It is also highly dependent on the material, and
if a great deal of research is required. Do the
math: 75,000 words divided by 12 days is 6,250
words per day, but you would have to accomp
Taña Dalglish Dec 22, 2009
Spanish Nueva gramática de la lengua española de la Real Academia Nueva Gramática de la Lengua Española Precio y disponibilidad: Euros 205,68/$ 295,00 de
los EE.UU. Saludos a
todos/as y Feliz Navidad.
Taña Dalglish Dec 17, 2009 job systems Allow site members/users to rate each job posting Suggested poll @ James: Great idea. If ProZ doesn't want to
publish your poll because it violates the rules,
then they should say so. If they can't publish it
because it is in 2,000th place in line,
Taña Dalglish Oct 21, 2009 job systems Allow site members/users to rate each job posting Hear, hear! Firstly, I would like to thank Bob for this
wonderful initiative, which I support 100%.
Secondly, I most urgently second Alessandra’s
call for Henry or Patrick to respond
Taña Dalglish Oct 21, 2009
Translation Theory and Practice Quote requested for 1.5 million words in 15 days. Eerily similar - and I can only imagine the rate offered? [quote] John Rawlins wrote: I have just received
an email from a Proz member in India asking me to
quote on a project involving the translation of
1.5 million words from Spanish to English
Taña Dalglish Sep 2, 2009
Business issues ProZ quotation requests - a waste of time? Ah - the flip side! [quote]Rebekka Groß wrote: I've not actually
ticked this box but since I've specified my
minimum word and hourly rates (not shown in my
profile), the following information also appears
Taña Dalglish Sep 1, 2009
Business issues ProZ quotation requests - a waste of time? I am not reassured! Despite asking for native-English speakers, how,
pray tell, can one be reassured? Not only is the
rate abominable, but the time frame is horrendous,
which leaves little time for coordina
Taña Dalglish Sep 1, 2009
Business issues ProZ quotation requests - a waste of time? I think they should pay Google to translate it and at a better rate I might add! I propose that a few of us working in our language
pair get together and give them a Google
translation! What you pay for, is what you shall
receive, although I might add Google might be
Taña Dalglish Sep 1, 2009
Business issues ProZ quotation requests - a waste of time? Agree with you Robert Robert quoted "In passing, I would note that the
same phenomenon often applies to jobs posted on
the site. Just now, I saw a post offering 2 cents
a word for a million-word job.....".
Taña Dalglish Sep 1, 2009
Business issues Professional Indemnity Insurance Happy reading! Dear Dawn: Firstly, welcome. Here are two
links to start with, one of which you may (or may
not) have already made enquiries
of: www.
Taña Dalglish Jan 25, 2009
Money matters If you want to get paid.... Thanks Ralf Dear Ralf: Thank you for your
clarification. You quoted: you may have missed
another posting identifying an outsourcer by
direct reference to a Blue Board record unqote. I
Taña Dalglish Jul 18, 2008
Money matters If you want to get paid.... Forgive me, but what then is the correct forum? Ralf, I don't think Miguel's posting was intended
to criticize any outsourcer, whether positive or
negative, but was merely a warning to others and
perhaps could be looked at in that light
Taña Dalglish Jul 18, 2008
Off topic Help with Parkinson's disease Links which may be worthwhile reading. Dear Silvestro: Your posting touched a chord
with me. A quick search on the internet using the
search criteria “leading authorities on
Parkinson’s disease”, showed a number of
Taña Dalglish Jul 18, 2007
KudoZ Choosing one answer as correct but using another for the glossary Oops! Dear Maria: Yes, of course ... in this case, I
have no point! In my haste, I "miswrote!". No
seriously, though, the other side of the coin is
that there are cases where glossary entri
Taña Dalglish Mar 21, 2007
KudoZ Choosing one answer as correct but using another for the glossary Can someone correct me if I am wrong! Hi Roxanna and GoodWords: Valid and useful
thread. Firstly, I for one am all for correct
entries in the glossary which is an invaluable
tool for the entire community and care should be
Taña Dalglish Mar 21, 2007
Linguistics is <I>whereas</I> becoming a transition? Is this attack me day? Sorry, but I have had my fill for today! Hi Richard: It wasn't trying to be the purist
in my commentary, far from it. I was merely
sharing a few thoughts that I found particularly
irksome. I don't mind the correction if th
Taña Dalglish Mar 20, 2007
Linguistics is <I>whereas</I> becoming a transition? For the purists - it is sacrilege! I too have often seen the "however" and "whereas"
used in the manner posted here and I am appalled.
There are a few others which come readily to mind
such as "thanks much" "is he/she ther
Taña Dalglish Mar 20, 2007
Off topic Random facts you’ve learned while translating Live and Learn Everyday! I know this defeats the purpose of a “one
liner”, but I am sharing this with you as I
found it highly amusing. And it is the gospel
truth! The place does exist (I now know this -
Taña Dalglish Mar 20, 2007
KudoZ No thanks for KudoZ Sweet! Thaks Jane ... you have made my day! I don't feel so bad now. [quote]JaneTranslates wrote: [quote]Taña
Dalglish wrote: More importance is apparently
placed on earning the points rather than
participating meaningfully and in good faith.
Taña Dalglish Mar 20, 2007
KudoZ No thanks for KudoZ Manners make the man! I hope I don't appear biased here as my language
pairs are those of Henry, Monica, Patricia and the
regulars (English/Spanish - Spanish/English), but
I do agree with many of the other comm
Taña Dalglish Mar 20, 2007

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