Powwow Report for Brasil - São Paulo (Sep 21 2019)

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Report from  Juliana Mendes
Our Powwow was great!
We had many other colleagues at the restaurant, around 35 people, but unfortunately they hadn´t signed up through Proz.com.
It was a good opportunity to share our opinions about the lectures we had at Poliglotar´s first day.
It´s always good to meet in person, since we´ve known each other many times through internet groups.
The food was great and we hope everyone had a great time.
See you next time!

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ProZ.com users and members who attended
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Birgit Schrader
Carlos Alonso
Juliano Martins
Elúsio Brasileiro Alves de Lima
Juliana Arthuso
Ligia Maria Ribeiro
Elyde Shugastru
Larissa Timm
Juliana Mendes
Jacqueline Cunha
Cristina Epp
Mauro Moser

Postings from ProZians who attended this event

Sep 28 '19  Juliana Mendes: Great Meeting!
Hello guys!
We had a larger number of attendees but not all of them have subscribed at Proz.
We would like to thank each one of you who came and enjoyed good food and a nice chat!
Hopefully we´ll meet soon!
See you!