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Translator Education
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» Riflessione sulle caratteristiche richieste a un buon traduttore
By Gabriele Lo Iacono | Published 01/31/2015 | Translator Education | Recommendation:
Nella prima parte dell'articolo definisco il mio profilo professionale "traduttore tecnico per l'editoria" e motivo questa scelta. Nella seconda, indico, sulla base delle mie competenze di psicologo e di traduttore, quali sono dal mio punto di vista le caratteristiche di un buon traduttore.
» Welcome to the world of new words: the same old wine in new bottle!
By Sushan Harshe | Published 09/9/2014 | Translator Education | Not yet recommended
Since 18th century, each year/month/week/day, number new terms are coming in to market for the original English terms. May be it started with movie for motion picture! In those days, there was huge debate on such new terms. In the period of time these new terms settled in the society, in the world community; even in British culture itself! Now a day people just discuss on it and then adopt them. Sometimes most of them are unaware of the original and they feel (strongly!) that, this is just totally new!!. If you try to explain, they laugh on you.
» An MA in Translation Studies: To have or not to have?
By Christa Parrish | Published 10/31/2013 | Translator Education | Recommendation:
A discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of doing an MA in Translation Studies and the consideration of alternative strategies for new translators.
» Cultural and Language Boundaries: Once Upon a time…in Pamplona – Colombia
By cjaimes1 | Published 09/29/2013 | Translator Education | Recommendation:
This article shows the most common meaning of culture, as suggested, is that of large groups of people and how their lifestyles and beliefs differ; this is where cultural differences come in. In the words of Stuart Hall, ‘culture’ is “both the means and values which arise among distinctive social groups and classes, on the basis of their given historical conditions and relationship, through which they ‘handle’ and respond to the conditions of existence” (Hall, 1990). Therefore, cultural differences are the variations in the way of life beliefs and traditions between different countries. We as Colombians may tease and joke with the best of us, but we always have a wicked grin or a flash in our generally dark eyes. We rarely use those familiar clipped, smile-free comments or the sharp yet inside criticisms that need a few seconds to take effect.
» El proceso de corrección y edición de textos
By Marina Menendez | Published 03/26/2013 | Translator Education | Recommendation:
Los correctores son profesionales que poseen conocimientos técnicos y saberes específicos. Desde la entrega del original hasta la publicación, el texto es sometido a diversas instancias de revisión y corrección con el objetivo de ofrecer un producto de calidad. En este proceso de edición intervienen varios profesionales, cada uno con su especificidad: correctores de estilo, correctores de galeradas o pruebas, correctores de paginadas y revisores de contenido.

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