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Translator Education
58 articles in this category (not counting subcategories)
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» Being a Language Citizen
By Reed James | Published 06/24/2015 | Translator Education | Recommendation:
This article attempts to explain what it means to be truly proficient in a second/foreign language and the steps to attain this goal.
» La Ciencia y Arte de Traducir: Alquimismo de la Idea y la Palabra.
By Juan Blackmore | Published 06/10/2015 | Translator Education | Recommendation:
Algunos comentarios y sugerencias de un traductor antiguo para un traductor novel.
» Primeros pasos en la industria: cómo ganar confianza
By Mónica Belén Colacilli | Published 04/21/2015 | Spanish , Translator Education | Recommendation:
Consejos sobre cómo ganar confianza en uno mismo y ganarse la confianza del cliente cuando damos los primeros pasos como traductores.
» Translation and the Fly in the Glass of Milk
By Adriana Adarve | Published 04/1/2015 | Spanish , Translator Education | Recommendation:
It is disturbing and worrisome when documents translated into Spanish, for example, include initial capitals for all titles in their texts, contrary to codified Spanish practice, capital letters after colons, capitalized bullet lists, incorrect word order, just to mention a few of the issues carelessly imposed on the Spanish language nowadays. When this happens, linguistic standards are being eroded by the willy-nilly exchange of rules and codes from language to language.
» Riflessione sulle caratteristiche richieste a un buon traduttore
By Gabriele Lo Iacono | Published 01/31/2015 | Translator Education | Recommendation:
Nella prima parte dell'articolo definisco il mio profilo professionale "traduttore tecnico per l'editoria" e motivo questa scelta. Nella seconda, indico, sulla base delle mie competenze di psicologo e di traduttore, quali sono dal mio punto di vista le caratteristiche di un buon traduttore.

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